Dogs, Cats, Pets & Animals

Clothing and accessories for dogs and cats. Matienzo 1855, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Mascotas en Adopcion
Pet shelter and adoption agency. Dogs, cats, special (disabled, aged) animals.
Kennel 3-fi
Belgian Sheepdog and Coton de Tulear family breeder and exhibitor. San Nicolas 1000, Flores, Buenos Aires City.
Pet service
Comprehensive services for pets; transport, haircuts, training, adoption and bathing.
Pets Vacances
Dog care. Transportation from home to open space and back for daily walks, Monday to Friday, in specially conditioned vehicles. Vacations care. Veterinary. Francisco Alvarez Km. 40.
Janines Dog Hostel
Dog care in a home environment for holidays or long week-ends. Maximum 4 dogs at a time. Emergency vet 24 hours. English spoken. Acassuso (North).
Narki Ayun
Oriental and Siamese cats bred in a non cage family environment. Breeder Ana Ferreyra is founding member of TICA del Plata and President of this Club. Registered Cattery. Lomas del Mirador, Buenos Aires West.
Le Chateau Can
Year-round dog spa. Transport, training, veterinary service, hairdressing, striping, show preparation, medicated baths. Nordelta, Buenos Aires North
Trufas Negras Schnauzer
Since 2002, experienced Miniature and Standard Schnauzer breeder. Programmed litters.
Sarmiento Animal Protection Society
Founded in 1902 and member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Veterinary service. Pet shelter and adoption agency.
The website of Argentine Veterinary Homeopathy. Dogs, cats, production animals, professionals. Caracas 595, Buenos Aires City
Mystic Night
Belen Robles is a Bernese Mt. Dog home breeder with good track record at shows where her dogs have been judged by International judges. El Talar de Pacheco, Buenos Aires North.
Adiestro Tu Perro
Dog training and sociabilization, at home and exclusively with owner present, supervised by veterinaries. Basic and advances, puppies and adults.
The Minis Can
Dedicated Miniature Schnauzers breeder offers grooming, boarding home and stud service. Av. Del Libertador and Manuela Pedraza, Nunez, Buenos Aires City.|
Petit Pets
Veterinary and pet shop. Grooming, food, clothes, toys, leashes, accessories. Monday to Friday 10:00-19:30. Av. Juan B. Alberdi 396, Caballito, Buenos Aires City.
Servicio Integral Veterinario a Domicilio
Home veterinary service, clinical and 24hr emergencies. All specialties. Area of coverage: North of Buenos Aires City and Northern suburbs (Vicente Lopez and San Isidro)
Van Woerden Kennel
Family kennel raising Dachshund Standard Smooth puppies in family environment with full sanitary care and socialization training.
Granja El Pago
Westie breeding home. Sale of puppies and programmed litters. Route 7, Km. 84,6 Lujan (West).
California Wilds Kennel
Chihuahuas breeder of 3 to 4 lbs puppies in the variety of popular colors as well as Blues, Chocolat, Lavandas and Merles. Shipment worldwide with health certifcate and export pedigree. Villa Saenz Pena, Buenos Aires West.
Veterinary products. Specific food for pets. Delivery service. Branches in Martinez, Av. Santa Fe 2354 and San Isidro, Av. Juan Segundo Fernandez 1299. Buenos Aires (North).
Pet Sitters
Pet sitting and dog walking services, taking care of the daily duties such as walks, feeding and play time. El Salvador 4588, Buenos Aires City.
Club Can
Dog walkers and care givers providing unique services for pet owners and their pets. GPS system provided to owners to track the dogs location. Palermo district, Buenos Aires City.
Centro Pet
Traditional and exotic animals. Food, games, books and other articles for pets. Pet clinic. Aquarium (Av. Cordoba 1557) with over 100 species and plants. Monday to Saturday 10:00-19:30. Av. Cordoba 1475, C1055AAE Buenos Aires City
HouseCall Vet
English-speaking veterinarian. Physical exams, vaccinations, in-home euthanasia, blood testing, urinanalysis and fecal examinations, tumor evaluation, bacterial and fungal cultures, demodectic/sarcoptic detection, ortodectes.
MaySun Cockers
English Cocker Spaniels breeder since 1991 following evaluations for each crossing, boosting desirable patterns of the breed. Buenos Aires City.
Criadero Alejandro Isel
Miniature Dachtshund breeder. Dogs are bred in our house with no cages. Remedios de Escalada, Buenos Aires (South)
Clinica Veterinaria Argentina
Clinical medicine, surgery, tests, cardiology, oncology, ultrasound scan, opthalmology, histopathology. Food, accessories, drugs. Monday to Sunday and holidays 09:00-21:00. Av. La Plata 702, Buenos Aires City.
Animal Cargo
Accompaniment of pets in trips worldwide and inside Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay. Sale and rental of transport boxes. Health and federation procedures in Argentina and abroad. Av. Eva Peron 674, Temperley. (South)
Santa Maria
Dog boarding center. 80 hectares with kennels and park. Veterinary care. Route 5 Km 81,5 Lujan (West).
Oak Grove Airedales
Argentine breeder of Airedale Terrier since 1969, importing males and bitches from Germany and UK, with several prize winning dogs. Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires North
Dr. Tessie Bisbal, veterinary and surgeon. General practice, X-rays, scanning, grooming, surgery (general and specialized), cardiology, lab tests and lodging. English spoken. Alvear 407, Martinez (North) and branch.
Emmanuelle Vandendriessche - Veterinary
Specialized in chiropractic,osteopathy, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, rehabilitation, postural and neurological reprogramming in horses and dogs.
Pet Ville
24-hour personalized care for dogs and cats. Lodging, transport, baths, veterinary, home-made food, special-care or elderly pets, in heat animals, pet-sitter service at home. Chile 4357, La Lonja, Pilar (North).
Lift Van International
Comprehensive relocation of pets; planning, transportation, coordination of certificates, and escort service.
Argentine Canine Association (FCA)
Organization in charge of submissions and extending certificates of dogs by breed, registration of breeders, litters and imported animals. Calendar of exhibitions.
Los Adorables
Boxer and Boston Terrier breeders aiming at quality, health and beauty in litters. Owners are Paulina Herrera and Hugo Croci. El Palomar, Buenos Aires West.
Timberline Shop
On line pet shop. Dogs, cats, fish, rodents, birds, reptiles, horses. Food, care, accessories. Delivery. Monday to Saturday 09:00-19:00
Adopciones Buenos Aires
Pet shelter and adoption agency.
Von Christensen
Yorkshire and Rottweiler breeders. Patricia Christensen and Mario Rodriguez hold a 15 year track record in breeding champions. Del Malambo 2172, Parque Leloir, Ituzaingo, Buenos Aires West.
Dog boarding home. Training, veterinary control and 24 hour emergencies, neonatology, transport to the interior of the country. Panamericana Ramal Pilar km 56,5, Pilar (North).
PetsVentura Pet Hotel
30 years of experience in dog and cat care. Lodging and caring by professionals. Spacious garden for recreational activity. Tailor-made boarding plans for each pet and owners requirements. Bogota 1074, Martinez, Buenos Aires (North).
Las Lunas
Professional kenneling service for dogs and cats. International pet shipping with door to door service accompanied by professional personnel. Dog school. Andres Rolon 100, office 103, San Isidro (North).
Cien Tangos
Pug breeders based on own program since 2008. Strict evaluation of buyers. No more than one or three litters per year. Waiting list available. Palermos, Buenos Aires City.
Patagonic Kennel
Breeders of Pomeranian dogs since 2010, with one to three litters per year. Puppies for sale. Martinez, Buenos Aires North
Dog Othos
Miniature Schnauzer breeder with planned litters and experience with prize winning dogs. Grooming and handling services. Sale of miniature wooden based clay crafts.
Argentum Dogo Argentino
Dogo Argentino breeder with over ten adult females allowing the existence of puppies for sale at all times. Reservations required due to waiting list. Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires City.
Breeders of shiba inu dogs for pets and genetic exchange abroad Argentina. Stud, daycare and hostel services. Argentine and International award winning dogs. Balvanera neighborhood, Buenos Aires City.
Sabuesos Veterinaria
Sale of pets, cross of pets, lost and found, grooming, medical supervision and products for pets. Ugarte 1999, Olivos, Buenos Aires (North) and other branches.
Lomas de Zamora Kennel Club
Kennel Club for breeders and dog owners interested in breeding and associated courses as well as registrations processes and dog shows and exhibitions. Cabrera 147, Banfield (South).
Del Pequeno Paraiso
Registered kennel of Maltese breed. Dogs are exhibited at shows and cared for within a family environment. Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires West.
Legend Dogos Argentinos
Owners, handlers and breeders of Dogo Argentino champions. Puppies on sale only to approved buyers.
Last Passion Hunter
Family kennel since 1994, breeding Irish Setters within breeding rules of ethics, quality procedures of health and focus on genetic transmission of diseases. Ercilla 5224, Buenos Aires City.
Mc Guire Dachshund Miniature
Dachsund Miniature breeder with champions breeds for shows, breeding and family enjoyment. Olivos, Buenos Aires (North).
Spa Pets Land
Dog boarding center. Permanent veterinary care, individual kennels with functional music, 4.5 forested hectares, activity track. Pets fetched and delivered at home. Route 205, Km 64.7, Canuelas (South).
Reyna Luna Pet Shop
Pet food, such as balanced foods, pet clothing, imported accessories, toys, bones, candy, doghouses, beds and carriers. Free of cost deliveries in Buenos Aires City. Soler 4529, Buenos Aires City.
Liberty Golden Kennel
Golden Retriever breeder with National and International FCA. Winner of FCA 2006, 2007 International Champion and 2008 Argentine Champion. Puppies delivered vaccinated and parasite free. La Plata, Buenos Aires South.
Sabue S.O.S.
Veterinary services led by Dr. Cecilia Gil. Facilities have surgery room, laboratory, pharmacy, washing room and pet shop. Centro Comercial de Santa Maria de Tigre, Ruta 27, Tigre, Buenos Aires (North).
Suniel Kennels
Dedicated breeders of Fox Terriers concentrated in the hygiene of the environment and carrying out a comprehensive healthcare program. Maschwitz, Buenos Aires North.
Planeta Bengal
Bengal cattery breeding the traditional "Brown" cats as well as a variety of "Snow". Champion bloodlines imported from USA and Europe. Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.