Estate Agents: North Buenos Aires

A. Truscello
Av. Maipu 2012, 7th floor C, B1636AAN Olivos. (North)
Mieres Propiedades
In the market since 1953 specializing in properties in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires. Av. Sucre 1676, San Isidro. (North)
Alicia Barone
Dardo Rocha 1420, office 6, 1640 Martinez. (North)
Andrade Inmobiliaria
Monday to Friday 09:00-13:00 and 15:00-19:00, Saturday 09:00-13:00. Alsina 450, B1642FNJ San Isidro. (North)
Ricardo Douer
Houses, apartments, farms, sheds and warehouses, stores, lands, gated communities, offices, hotels, industrial areas. Monday to Friday 09:00-19:30, Saturday 09:30-13:00. Av. del Libertador 14401, C1640MYK Martinez. (North)
Quotations, rentals, purchase and sale of properties, investment, legal and credit advice. Developments. Sarmiento 1188, San Fernando and branch in San Isidro.
Harold Hyland
Traditional, established family business based in the Northern suburbs of Buenos Aires. Av. Libertador 12999, B1640AOA Martinez. (North)
Imhoff propiedades
Sale and rental of plots of land, houses and promotion and marketing of housing complexes and office buildings. Active for over 15 years covering the Northern area. Av. del Libertador 15001, Acassuso, Buenos Aires (North).
Leo Resia
Madero 1260, San Fernando. (North)
Real estate and investments company carried out under the Eidico finance system based on the cooperative society. Av. Agustin Garcia 9501, Benavidez, Buenos Aires North
Toribio Achaval
Real estate company offers Corporate Services, Investment counseling, Tenant representation, Brokerage services, Appraisals. 12 branches in Buenos Aires City and Northern suburbs., Main office at Av. Callao 1515, 4th floor, Buenos Aires City
Av. Centenario 1800, Beccar. (North)
RE/MAX Liberty
Franchised real estate agents located in the districts of Caballito, Palermo, Recoleta of Buenos Aires City and in Vicente Lopez, Olivos, Beccar and Nordelta, in the north of Buenos Aries. Av. del Libertador 1574, Vicente Lopez. (North)
Castilla Propiedades
Av. Cazon 847, 1648 Tigre. (North) and branch
Av. Maipu 2215, 1636 Olivos. (North) and branch
Properties and investments. Dardo Rocha 2044, B1640FSZ Martinez. (North)
25 years in the market, based in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires and with international connections in Miami, New York, Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella. Gaspar Campos 596, Vicente Lopez. (North)
Developments, closes neighborhoods, houses, country houses, farm and fields. Panmericana Pilar branch, km 42,5, Pilar. (North)
Viramonte Noguer
9 de Julio 386, 1st floor B, 1642 San Isidro. (North)
M. OConnor
Real estate company. Family business since 1958 specialized in the Northern area of Buenos Aires providing assistance and advice in sales, rentals and appraisals of value. Av. Libertador 13208, Martinez, Buenos Aires (North).
Purchase, sale and rental of properties and businesses in Buenos Aires City and North of the City. Av. Las Heras 1983, 1st floor, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City and branches.
Monachino Inmuebles
Over 25 years experience. Valuations. Av. del Libertador 13925, stores 11 and 12, Martinez Shopping Center, Martinez. (North)
Reynolds Propiedades
Real estate sales, short & long term rentals, farms, acreages & vineyards, new developments, with fully bilingual English-Spanish staff. Monday to Friday 08:30-19:00, Saturday 09:30-17:00. Av. Libertador 3149, Olivos, Greater Buenos Aires (North)
Gervasio Ipuche Propiedades
Constitucion 992, San Fernando (North).
Martin Rodriguez Rocha Propiedades
Sale and rental of houses, apartments, offices, warehouses and land. Valuations. Av. Constitucion 1577, San Fernando. (North)
Fernando Castro Propiedades
Alem 176, 3rd floor C, San Isidro.
Zanotti Propiedades
Valuations, sales, purchases, rents for private, commercial and industrial real estate in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires City. Santa Fe 744, Acassuso (North).
M. OConnor
Real estate company. Family business since 1958 specialized in the Northern area of Buenos Aires providing assistance and advice in sales, rentals and appraisals of value. Av. Libertador 13208, Martinez, Buenos Aires (North).
Estudio E.L.E.
Since 1974 providing real estate and development services. Sale and rental of homes, apartments, offices and rural properties. Av. del Libertador 13006, Martinez, Buenos Aires North.
DAria Propiedades
Over 60 years experience in the area. Family properties, developments, businesses, rentals. Av. del Libertador 4189, B1637ALK La Lucila. (North)
Comprehensive consultation on real estate issues. Exclusive properties. Appraisals. Rentals and sales of family homes, businesses buildings and land. Services for foreigners. Bilingual staff. Av. del Libertador 15129, 2nd floor, San Isidro, (North).
Carlos Scarpati Propiedades
Founded in 1972. Sales and rentals in Buenos Aires City and northern suburbs. Advice in construction and recycling of properties. Rosario de Santa Fe 649, Beccar.
Castro Feijoo
35 years in the market operating in sales, rentals and administration of houses and apartments in the norther suburbs of Buenos Aires. San Lorenzo 702, 1636 La Lucila. (North)
Hussek Inmobiliaria
Real estate business with more than 30 years of activity in Northern suburbs of Buenos Aires. Sales, rentals, valuations and maintenance of rented properties. Libertador 13139, Martinez, Buenos Aires (North).
Travaglini Propiedades
Av. del Libertador 16800, San Isidro. (North)
Hilding Ohlsson
30 years in the market centered in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires. Houses, closed neighborhoods, apartments, vineyards. Blanco Encalada 150, 1642 Lomas de San Isidro. (North)
DIC Propiedades
Over 30 years experiece. Av. Maipu 3167, Olivos. (North) and branches
L. J. Ramos
Major real estate company for over 25 years achieving experience in sectors like offices, industries, retail, residential and development projects. Sale, rental and appraisals of properties. Av. Libertador 15747, Acassuso, Buenos Aires (North).