Estate Agents: South Buenos Aires

Sale, rental and valuation of properties offered.
Nuñez Propiedades
Specializes in a range of properties for sale and rent.
Fera and Associates
Offers assistance with a wide range of real estate related services
Filippone Inmobiliaria
Apartments, houses, lots and premises offered for rent and sale.
Jose Angel Mataffo
Purchase and sale of properties, administration, rental, valuations, deeds.
Cristina Gatti
Real estate firm specializes in departments, houses, lots and premises.
Olivari Inmuebles
Purchase and sale, management, valuations, mortgage services offered.
Billiard Fernandez
Wide range of legal advisory, property appraisal and rental management services offered.
Alicia Volpato
Specializes in a wide range of properties for sale and rent.
Alvarez Propiedades
Real estate firm specializes in houses, apartments, land, offices, gated communities and warehouses.
Amitrano Propiedades
Purchase, sale and rental of houses, apartments, stores, offices, land and warehouses offered.