Estate Agents: West Buenos Aires

Gustavo Piccione
Coronel Lucero 502, Ituzaingo. (West)
Inmobiliaria Ferrero
Sale and rental of houses, apartments, land, sheds, fields. Las Heras 2, 1714 Ituzaingo
Bernardoni Propiedades
Sale and promotion of homes. Project evaluation. Market studies. Consultancy for land purchases. Commercial consulting services. Offices. Belgrano 427, Moron. (West)
Inmobiliaria Mortara
Purchase and sale of properties. Management. Contracts. Valuations. Rentals. Guarantee studies. Goodwill transfer. Colectora Gaona 1621, Puente Gnecco, 1742 Paso del Rey. (West)
Medici Propiedades
Sale and rental of homes, industries, stores, land, offices, goodwill. Valuations, Administration. Av. Rivadavia 17903, 1708 Moron. (West)
Ricardo Parrella Propiedades
Sale and rental of houses, apartments, stores and land. Valuations and advice. Credit management. Av. Balbin 527, 1663 San Miguel. (West)
Lauria Propiedades
Founded in 1968. Sale, rental, valuation of properties. Bolivar 151, Ramos Mejia. (West)
Pablo Cocuzza
Founded in 1993, specialized in on-line sales. Sarandi 745, 1722 Merlo. (West)
Consultora Rojas
Sale and rental of properties. Investments. Properties and rental in Brazil. Jose Maria Paz 2598, Ituzaingo. (West)
Pablo Colace Propiedades
Property search, sale, rental. Financial advice. Valuations. Av. Santa Maria 2915, 1754 San Justo. (West)
Victor Vende
Administrations, rentals, valuations, gooodwills, liquidation of industrial and rural businesses, legal and private auctions. Buenos Aires 572, 1712 Castelar