Funeral Homes & Undertakers

British Cemetery
The traditional Protestant cemetery for the British community in Buenos Aires city. El Cano 4568. Buenos Aires City
Casa Rivera
Since 1935 serving the community with burial services and transfers within and out of the country. Av. Cordoba 4902
Recoleta Cemetery
One of the most important in the world, declared a national historic monument in 1946. Thrilling guided tours rich with historical figures and events. Monday to Friday 07:00-17:45. Junin 1760, Buenos Aires City
James O. Donnell
Funeral Home. Acevedo 1129, Buenos Aires City.
24 hs / 365 days service. Buenos Aires and main cities of Argentina. Wake and burial services. Exhumation, repatriation, cremation. Translation. Customs. Air transportation. Av. Alvarez Jonte 2548, 1416 Buenos Aires City
Cucchetti & Hijos
Funerary services. Cremations. Wake halls. National transfers. Repatriations. Thanalogy services. Vallejos 4460, Buenos Aires City
Lazaro Costa
Showroom, addiotional services, transfers and cremations, custody titles, vaults, funeral homes. Av. Santa Fe 1799, C1060ABD Buenos Aires City and branches
Cementerio Parque Bosques de Santa Catalina
Since 1898 a private cemetery administered by Asociacion Cementerio de los Disidentes de Lomas de Zamora, a non profit organization. Garibaldi 3578, Llavallol, Buenos Aires (South)
Sepelios Alvear
Funeral services. Personal coordinator, transportation, funeral parlors, hostess and coffee service, religious service, catering, cemetery advice, paperwork, thanatopraxy. Land, sea and air transportation inside and outside the country. 24 hour service.
Casa Villano
Rooms, funeral parlors, transportation inside and outside the country, cremations, paperwork. Cabrera 2979, Buenos Aires City