Galleries: Retiro & Recoleta

Art gallery and accessories. Paintings, engravings, photographs, sculptures, objects. Clothing, objects, books, CDs. Presentations, cocktails, exhibitions. Suipacha 1025, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Angel Guido Art Project
Visual arts gallery. Monday to Friday 12:00-20:00. Suipacha 1217, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Galeria Arroyo
Argentine art gallery created in 1989. Auctions. Exhibits. Arroyo 830, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Recoleta Cultural Center
Visual and performing arts center. Musical investigation and production laboratory. Documentation, research and publications center. Monday to Friday 14:00-21:00, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10:00-21:00. Junin 1930, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Pasto Galeria
Tuesday to Saturday 15:00-20:00. Santa Fe 2729, store 43, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
La Paz
Monday to Friday 16:00-20:00. Azcuenaga 1739, ground floor B, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Art gallery promoting the integration of art, architecture and design. Monday to Friday 15:00-20:00. Rue des Artisans, Arenales 1239, door 1, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Coppa Oliver
Argentine art. Monday to Friday 10:30-19:00, Saturday 10:30-13:00. Talcahuano 1287, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Centoira Art Gallery
Advice on art purchases. Exhibits. Frame, drawing, painting workshops. Restorations. Monday to Friday 10:00-20:00, Saturday 10:00-13:00. French 2611, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Young, contemporary art. Tuesday to Friday 14:00-20:00. Santa Fe 2729, 1st floor 30 and 21, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Vermeer Art Gallery
Created in 1973. Argentine, contemporary artists. Suipacha 1168, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Studio 488
Dedicated to Argentine photography. Santa Fe 2729, store 31, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Galeria Alberto Sendros
Private art gallery, only with previous reservation. Pasaje Tres Sargentos 359, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Hoy en el Arte
Gallery directed by Teresa Nachman. Exhibitions, appraisal and quotations of works of art, restoration and conservation. Monday to Friday 12:00-20:00, Saturday 11:00-14:00. Juncal 848, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Planeta Cubico
Tuesday to Saturday 15:00-20:00. Santa Fe 2729, store 33, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Praxis International Art
Latin American modern and contemporary art. Monday to Friday 10:30-20:00, Saturday 10:30-14:00. Arenales 1311, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Ruth Benzacar
Art gallery founded in 1965, focused on contemporary art and local artists. Monday to Friday 11:30-20:00. Florida 1000, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Laura Haber
Argentine and international artists. Monday to Friday 12:00-20:00, Saturday 11:00-15:00. Juncal 885, Retiro, Buenos Aires City and branch in Belgrano.
Alicia Brandy Art Gallery
Contemporary Latin American art. Monday to Friday 15:00-20:00, Saturday 10:00-13:00. Charcas 3149, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Del Infinito Arte
20th century and contemporaneous visual arts gallery. Quintana 325, ground floor, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
11 x 7
Vanguard art gallery. Monday to Friday 11:30-20:00, Saturday 11:30-15:00. Libertad 1628, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Pasaje Bollini 2170, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Ro Art Gallery
Specialized in Argentine artists. Monday to Friday 12:00-20:00. Parana 1158, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Argentine art. Monday to Saturday 12:00-20:00. Libertad 1033, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Museo Xul Solar
Dedicated to preserve and make know the work of Argentine painter Alejandro Xul Solar. Laprida 1212, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Fundacion Mundo Nuevo
Argentine plastic arts. Av. Callao 1870, ground floor, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Galeria Palatina
Art gallery specialized in local artists. Arroyo 821, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Van Riel
Art gallery inaugurated in 1924. Exhibits and courses. Juncal 790, Ground floor, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Arroyo 821, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
J. C. Naon & Cia
Auction House. Guido 1785, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Paintings, sculptures, photographs, engravings, objets and design jewelry. Av. Santa Fe 1660, store 22, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Monday to Friday 13:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-12.30. Sargento Cabral 881, ground floor A, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Rubbers Internacional
International art. Av. Alvear 1595, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Aldo de Sousa
Modern and contemporary Latin American art. Arroyo 858, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
BR Art Gallery
Two story building with the objective of promoting emerging artists. Exhibits. Marcelo T. de Alvear 770, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Zurbaran Art Gallery
Argentine art. Monday to Friday 11:00-21:00, Saturday 10:00-13:00. Cerrito 1522, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
NK Art Dealer
Argentine plastic arts. Av. Las Heras 2049, 4th floor A, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.