Garden Services & Landscape Design

Vivero Fleurs
Design and maintenance of gardens and green spaces. Provision of plants, design and construction of manual and automatic watering systems, lighting, draining, leveling, pruning, bonsai, feng shui.
Gladys Hlavka
Agricultural Engineer studied landscaping with English landscapists (John Brooks, Jill Billington and Andrew Duff). Private parks and gardens, building, terraces and balconies, consulting services. Route 25, Km 12.5, Pilar. (North)
Norte Verde
Design and construction of green spaces. Machine rental. Constitucion 3232, 2nd floor B, 1644 Victoria. (North)
Gardenia Soluciones
Landscaping, design and maintenance of parks, gardens and green spaces. Home nursery, leveling and irrigation, fences and flower-beds, grass planting, organic vegetable gardens. Delivery of trees, bushes and plants. In Pilar (North).
Opcion Verde
Plague control. Spraying. Water tank cleaning. Garden design and construction. Av. San Martin 7018, Buenos Aires City
El Jardinero del Norte
Irrigation, grass laying, landscaping, leveling, wooden decks, docks, palings. Boulevard del Mirador 430, Terrazas de la Bahia II 2P of 14, Nordelta. (North)
Arte Verde
Landscaping studio. Grass, watering, leveling, design, project, execution.
Ciudad Verde
Garden services for businesses. Design, installation and maintenance of green spaces.
California Gardens
Full and dedicated gardening maintenance. Carlos Fernando Suarez, owner and manager has a proven background and 20 years in San Francisco Bay and speaks English.
Tierra y Sol
Design and construction of gardens. Leveling. Irrigation systems. Grass. Lighting. Buenos Aires City and North.
Cristina Le Mehaute
Landscaping studio. Crisologo Larralde 1918, Nunez district, Buenos Aires City
Vivero Mario
Indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, pots, agrochemicals, grass, seeds, artificial plants, fountains, bonsai, garden tools and accessories, gardening services. Rivadavia 21096, Castelar (West) and branch in Palermo.
Diseno y Paisaje
Design and execution of parks, gardens and terraces. Arenales 2854, Vicente Lopez. (North)
Green Life
Landscape designers and architects, specialists in native flora and lighting systems for outside spaces. Green coverings. La Pampa 1924, Ground floor 6, Buenos Aires City
Traditional, family business since 1889. Project and management of landscaping works, research and restoration, consulting services. Gardens, parks, public works, historical gardens and parks, town planning, polo clus. Primera Junta 1132, San Isidro.
Max Mirelmann
Landscaping. Advice, survey, project, design, realization and maintenance. Decks, floorings, pergolas, pools, transplants, cactus, succulent plants.
Clara Billoch
Landscape and garden designer. Flower bouquets and arrangements.
Paisajismo Valva
Design, construction and maintenance of green spaces, gardens, terraces, public spaces, plazas, parks.
Vivero Parana
Interior and exterior plants. Advice, design and execution of parks, gardens and sports fields. Design and installation of watering systems.
Deferrari & Asociados
Landscaping engineering. Vertical gardens, design and execution of projects, land movements, fertilization, height prunings, orchards, balconies, watering systems, swimming pools, waterfalls and ponds, grass fitting.
Lilian DAlessandro
Green spaces planning in Buenos Aires City and Norther suburbs.