Hospitals: Central Buenos Aires

Sanatorio Guemes
Internal medicine, mother and child, surgery, diagnosis and treatment. Francisco Acuna de Figueroa 1240, C1180AAX Buenos Aires City
Hospital Italiano
Traditonal Italian community hospital since 1853, providing services to local and international patients. Juan D. Peron 4190, C1181ACH Buenos Aires City and branches.
Hospital Espanol
Av. Belgrano 2975, 1209 Buenos Aires City
Instituto Dupuytren
Specialized in traumatology. Hip, column, upper members, pediatric, leg, foot, knee. Av. Belgrano 3460, 1st floor, Buenos Aires City
Clinica del Sol
Inpatients, surgery, ICU, emergencies, hemodynamics, outpatients. Av. Coronel Diaz 2211, C1425DQI Buenos Aires City
Sanatorio Mater Dei
Catholic institution providing all medical services to the community, with hospitalization and outpatient clinic. San Martin de Tours 2952, 1425 Buenos Aires City
Instituto Argentino de Diagnostico y Tratamiento
Emergencies. Inpatients and outpatients. Surgery. Pediatrics. Marcelo T. de Alvear 2346, C1122AAL Buenos Aires City
Specialized in prevention, diagnosis, assistance and investigation of neurological diseases. Montaneses 2325, Buenos Aires City and branch.
Clinica ALCLA
Private clinic dedicated to the sub-acute, recovery and general rehabilitation in neonatology, pediatry and for adults. Palliative care. Vuelta de Obligado 3165, C1429AVG Buenos Aires City
Clinica de Microcirugia
Specialized in eye, ear, nose and throat, and plastic surgery. Teniente General Juan D. Peron 1834, Buenos Aires City
Sanatorio Anchorena
Maternity, ICU, emergences, infectology, inpatients, imaging diagnosis, hemodynamics, cardiology. Dr. Tomas de Anchorena 1872, C1425ELP Buenos Aires City
British Hospital
Founded in 1844 serving the English-speaking and local community with all medical services. Perdriel 74, 1280AEB Buenos Aires City and branches.
Fundacion Favaloro
Specialized in cardiovascular treatment. Diagnosis, prevention, surgery. Av. Belgrano 1746, C1093AAS Buenos Aires City
Reproductive medicine. Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery, gynecology, andrology and male sexual dysfunctions, ultrasonography, psychology, reproductive genetics, nutrition. Viamonte 1432, C1055ABB Buenos Aires City
Clinica San Camilo
Catholic origin institution open to all. Inpatients and outpatients. Surgery, emergency, hemodynamics, dialysis, imaging diagnostics, ICU, coronary unit. Av. Angel Gallardo 899, Buenos Aires City
Clinica Adventista Belgrano
Inpatients and outpatients. Cardiology, surgery, internal medicine, gastroenterology, gynecology, haemotherapy, neurology, pediatrics, traumatology, intensive care, imaging studies, laboratory, physiotherapy. Estomba 1710, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
Clinica La Sagrada Familia
Brain and vascular rescue unit, imaging diagnosis, clinical cardiology, cardiovascular and coronary surgery, neurology, neurosugery. Outpatients. Jose Hernandez 1642, Buenos Aires City
Sanatorio Otamendi
Inpatients. Cardiology, clinical medicine, infectology, kinesiology and rehabilitation, nephrology, ophthalmology, orthopedics and traumatology, mother and child, emergencies, surgeries. Azcuenaga 870, C1115AAB Buenos Aires City
Instituto Cardiovascular de Buenos Airesin
Specialized in cardiovascular treatment. Inpatients and outpatients. Surgery, clinical, prevention, imaging diagnosis. Blanco Encalada 1543, Buenos Aires City
Clinica de Cirugia Especializada
Specialized in eye and plastic surgeries. Day hospital. Monday to Friday 07:00-22:00, Saturday 08:00-16:00. Larrea 926, C1117ABD Buenos Aires City
Sanatorio Miter
Cardiology, surgery, outpatients, imaging diagnosis, hemodynamics, maternity, transfusions, ICU. Bartolome Miter 2553, Buenos Aires City
British Hospital Outpatient Care Center
Centro Solis. Primary Health Care and Spontaneous Demand Center. Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00. Solis 2171, Buenos Aires Center (50 mts from the British Hospital).
Clinica Santa Isabel
Inpatients and outpatients. Lautaro 369, Buenos Aires City
Fundacion Hospitalaria
Specialized in children. Av. Cramer 4601, C1429AKK Buenos Aires City
Hospital Aleman
Deutsches Hospital, 144-year-old German community traditional institution, provides care to local and international patients. Av. Pueyrredon 1640, C118AAT Buenos Aires City
Clinica y Maternindad Suizo Argentina
Maternity, neonatology, surgery, ICU, cardiology, pediatrics, foreign patients, inpatients and outpatients. Av. Pueyrredon 1461, Buenos Aires City
Clinica Dharma
Mental health clinic connected to a national network of services and institutions. Day clinic, outpatients, night hospital, psychiatric hospitalization, home care, research. Av. Chiclana 3319, Buenos Aires City
British Hospital Outpatient Care Center
Pediatrics, internal medicine and trauma, laboratory, color Doppler sonography, radiology, executive medical check-ups. Monday to Friday 08:00-20:00, Saturday 08:00-12:00. Marcelo T de Alvear 1573, Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires City.
Clinica Bazterrica
Inpatients, emergencies, maternity, neonatology, pediatric unit, oupatient and inpatient surgery. Outpatients. Foreign patients. Billinghurst 2072, C1425DQI Buenos Aires City
Short-term psychiatric hospitalization. Detoxification center. Humahuaca 3771, C1191ABI Buenos Aires City.