International & Specialist Foods

Sugar & Spice
Biscotti, cantucci, cookies, brownies, savory, pound cake, stollen, panettone. Corporate gifts. Monday to Friday 10:00-13:30 and 14:30-19:00, Saturday 09:00-13:00. Guatemala 5415, Palermo Hollywood district, C1425BVE Buenos Aires City
Gran Bar Danzon
Ceviche, carpaccio, oysters, tarte tatin, beef, veal, pork, linguini, salmon, ravioli, niguiri sushi, makis, sashimi, oshi sushi, baked alaska, dessert tasting, wines, martini bar, Argentine wine cellar. Libertad 1161, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
Dulce Buenos Aires
Breakfast, lunch and tea. Cakes, cookies, sandwiches, pies, shakes. Store with homemade and natural products. Events services. General E. Martinez 1402, Belgrano R, Buenos Aires City.
Los Recuerdos
Colombian cuisine. Catering and delivery. Colombian empanadas, arepas, chicharron, carimanolas, pandebonos, bunuelos, sancocho, ajiaco, paisas, sobrebarriga. Coffee and wines. Uruguay 943, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Dobar Tek
Croatian cuisine. Zeljanica, sirnica, burek, strudel Makarska, cevapcici, sekeli gulas, punjene paprike, buncek with chucruth, sarma, dobos, orehnjaca, makovnjaca, kiflici, medenjake. Av. San Juan 548, San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.
El Gato Negro
Traditional cafe, bar, restaurant and store specialized in quality spices, coffee, tea, infusions, baking products, dry fruit. Cooking classes, shows. Av. Corrientes 1669, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires City.
Patisserie. Chocolate and sambayon mousse, tiramisu, cheesecake, bischotti, cookies, Austrian pudding, lemon pie, apple pie, sweed bread. Otamendi 65, Caballito, Buenos Aires City.
Peruvian cuisine. Cebiches, tacu tacu, grilled beef, smoked potato pizza, passion fruit mousse, warm rice pudding, seasonal fruits. Bar. Honduras 5237, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires City.
OBarrio Teas
Selection of handcrafted organic full-leaf and hand-collected teas, grown in the province of Misiones. Earl Gray Real Bergamot, Marrakech, Indian Soul, Chines Qumkuat, and some other 100 own and bespoke blends.
Lele de Troya
Italian, Arabic, homemade cuisine. Costa Rica 4901, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Arte Sano
Naturist food restaurant and store. Whole-grain bread and biscuits. Natural juices. Bulk products, spices, medicinal herbs, dry fruit, honey, soy products. Spa. Hot jade stones, facial and hand treatments, gym. Mansilla 2740, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City
Los Cardones
Argentine folklore live music. Typical food. Courses. Borges 2180, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
International cuisine. Fish, beef, lamb, pasta. Grill. Oyster bar, appetizers, salads, desserts. Gorriti 5143, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires City.
Pozo Santo
Peruvian cuisine. Rocotos, ceviches, tiraditos, chupe, tacu tacu, tejas, drinks, wines, desserts. El Salvador 4968, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires City.
Homemade-style food for breakfast, lunch, tea. Prepared daily meals for businesses. Coffee breaks. Business lunches. Catering and home chef services. Charlone 300, Chacarita, Buenos Aires City.
Cuba Mia
Cuban cuisine and shows. Ratatouille, spatzles with goulash, ropa vieja, chicken fricasse, tequila bananas. Cuba libre, daiquiris. Social and business events. Salta 508, Monserrat, Buenos Aires City.
La Tequeneria de Rosi
Venezuelan food catering, for meetings, celebrations and events. Delivery of frozen tequenos, arepas, cachapas. Venezuelan picada. Daily 09:00-20:30.
Mumas Cupcakes
Variety of toppings and flavors. Sweet, muffins, for celiacs and diabetics. Special preparations for corporate or private events. Malabia 1680, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Fleur de Sel
French cuisine restaurant specialized in traditional recipes. Open on Saturdays for lunch from 12:30 to 15:00 and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday from 20:30. La Pampa 3040, Buenos Aires City
French style boulangerie. Bread, patisserie, viennoiserie. Tuesday to Saturday 08:00-20:00, Sunday 09:00-13:00. Montevideo 1567, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City and branch
Lima Mia
Peruvian cuisine. Pisco bar, sushi, ceviches, woks. Baez 211, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Natural bar and deli. Fruit juices and shakes. Soups, pastry, bruschettas, salads, woks, sandwiches, coffee. Armenia 1692, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires City.
Ethnic food from all over the world to eat in the bar, take out or delivery. Catering for home, social or business events. Castillo 52, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
Mojitos de Cuba
Cuban-style cuisine and shows. Salsa classes. Yerbal 1655, Caballito, Buenos Aires City.
Nola Chef
Closed door restaurant. New Orleans cuisine by chef Liza Puglia. In Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
La Crespo
Homemade style food and patisserie. Cheesecake, apple pie, chocolate mousse cake, lemon pie, brownies, Chocolate marquis, hot pastrami, knishes, bojos, lajmayin, kippe, strudel, sandwiches, salads. Thames 612, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
Loreto Garden Bar
Guacamole, nachos, smoked salmon roll, hamburgers, pies, sandwiches, cheesecake, brownie, apple crumble, fruit salad, coffee. Virrey Loreto 2912, Colegiales, Buenos Aires City.
Peru Express
Peruvian style sandwiches and food. Cebiche, causa limena, chicharron, anticuchos, salads, drinks, desserts. Marcelo T. de Alvear 990, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.
a Manger
Picadas, patisserie, cakes, mousse, tiramisu, flan, tapas, wok, strudel, quinoa, chicken pamplonas, specialties, meat table. Wines. Gifts. Catering. Charcas 4001, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Saargs Biltong
South African artisanal method of preserving beef meat, with varying degrees of spice and dryness. Order by mail or by phone. Skype: cowboy50744
Los Recuerdos
Colombian and international cuisine. Arepas, tostones, paisas, fajitas, seviche, sancocho, ajiaco, sobrebarriga, tamal paisa, fresh salads, patacon pisao. Delivery and catering. Uruguay 943, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
De Esto y Aquello
Natural food store. Grains, legumes, beans, quinoa, lentils, spices, herbs, almonds, cashews, nuts, dried fruit, honey, tofu, corn flour, imported teas, tabasco, products for celiacs and diabetics. Serrano 1321, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
The Food Factory
Restaurant and take away. Sandwiches, salads, bakery and pastry. Breakfast and tea, snacks, pastas. Catering. Events. Breakfast and brunch, cocktails, fingers, casual and formal menus. Talcahuano 437, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires City.
Carla Pisano
Tea house and patisserie. Cheesecake, tiramisu, chocolate mousse and maracuya cake, lemon pie, marquis, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, sandwiches, bruschettas. Catamarca 2090, Acassuso (North).
Peruvian cuisine. Cebiche, tiradito, carpaccio, causa, salmon, conchitas, rocoto, wantantes, tamales, fish and seafood, chupe, parihuela, risotto, pastas. Sinclair 3096, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
El Buen Sabor
Typical food from Cameroon and the center of Africa. Different combinations of vegetables, legumes, tubers combined with red meat, chicken and fish. Salad, bobotie, potato roti, sauces, spices. Camargo 296, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
El Horno de Medio Oriente
Arabic food. Keshk, fatuch, bamia, pasha bereg, shamali, helva. Av. Juan de Garay 2501, San Cristobal, Buenos Aires City.
Pan y Arte
Theater, restaurant. Tango. Art gallery. Boedo 876, Boedo, Buenos Aires City.
Quality cuisine in a 60s and 70s furniture setting. Soler 5132, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Oye Chico
Cuban cuisine. Chicken, fish, meat. Typical food: manicero, guajiro, Soy cubano, Mi tumbao, Ropa vieja. Salsa classes on Fridays. Paseo La Plaza, Montevideo 310, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires City.
The Hidden Kitchen
Closed door restaurant specializing in Asian food with a Chinese-Taiwanese twist. Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Contemporary cuisine. Fresh and natural products. Lacto-ovo-vegetarian menus. Patisserie. Coffee. Salads, rolls, pies, bagels, sandwiches, wok, desserts. Events and catering. Cooking classes. Cuba 1985, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
Tea Blends For You
Business specialized in teas, herbs, accessories, gift packages and workshops on tea issues.
Sufi cuisine. Hummus, babaganush, tortilla, bruschetta, salads, wok, fish, lamb, musaka, halal, tandoori, coffees and teas, patisserie. No alcohol served. Gurruchaga 1450, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Homemade style food. Beef, seafood, chicken, pastas, vegetarian food, wok, desserts. Bulnes 802, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Tea Connection
Teas in leaves. Sencha, Oolong, cocoa, blueberry, sweet vanilla, Darjeeling. Natural food. Sandwiches, saladas, natural fruit shakes, deli food. Delivery. Uriburu 1597, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City and branches.
Mongolian grill where food is braised on a Mongol wok. El Salvador 5090, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires City.
Me Leva Brasil
Brazilian cuisine. Salgadinhos, acaraje, casquinha de siri, bolinho de vacalhau, feijoada, moqueca de peixe, farofia, beijinhos, cocadas. Caipirinha, capeta. Costa Rica 4488, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Baking and distribution of bagels as found in New York; freshly baked or frozen. Classis, Flavor, Pizza and Zen bagels. Online orders.
International cuisine with French inspiration. Wine cellar. Private room. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1160, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires City.
Peruvian cuisine. Furai shrimps, salmon tartar, tiracuya, chicken pepper, tacu tacu, suspiro limeno. Paraguay 624, Retiro, Buenos Aires City.