Joiners, Carpenters & Carpentry

Tres Carpinteros
Team of three carpenters in Boedo, Saavedra and Urquiza districts of Buenos Aires City. Kitchens, bedrooms, placards, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, open air. Floor polishing, ironwork, interior decoration, lathe work.
Carpentry Maderas
Carpentry work for homes, stores and buildings. Placards, staircases, special furniture, skirting boards, banisters, desks, frames, sidings. Joaquin V. Gonzalez 1495, 1651 San Martin. (Northwest)
Carpinteria Viamonte
Homes, businesses, offices, bars, restaurants, stores. Kitchen furniture, polish, lacquer, repairs, glue, plated, bookshelves, placards, special carpentry. Viamonte 2333, Buenos Aires City
La Carpinteria
Fine cabitmaking and carpentry. Tailor-made furniture for homes and stores. Tables, chests, bookshelves, floors, roofs, cabinets, doors, wardrobes.
Casas en Orden (Houses in order)
Three professional women solving housing issues such as gas, electricity, painting and gardening issues.
Pura Carpinteria
Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, office furniture. Polish, lacquer. Vicente Lopez. (North)