Notaries & Notarial Services

Dougall Abogados
Offers professional services in the field Notary Public for oaths, witness of signatures and certified copies of documents. Av. Cordoba 971, 7th floor. Buenos Aires City.
Escribania Olivera
Notary Public specialized in real estate and Corporate Law, as well as certifying wills, private and public documents and oaths. Esmeralda 892 01, Buenos Aires City
Julio Cesar Capparelli
Lawyer and Notary Public providing legal and notary services. Oaths, witness of signatures and certification of documents. Tucuman 540, 4th floor, Office H, Buenos Aires City.
Kier Joffe
Law firm providing Notary Public services related to Property Law, Family Law, Probate Estate, Wills, Trusts, Succession & Inheritance Law and Corporate Law. Bouchard 557, Floor 20, Buenos Aires City
Berro Madero & Guerrero
Notary Public services such as oaths, certification of documents and notarial advice in Property, Corporate and Commercial areas. Belgrano 384, 1st floor, San Isidro, Buenos Aires North.
Eduardo Gabriel Clusellas
Public Notary acting with estate deeds, statutory declarations, authentication of documents, powers of attorney and administration of oaths. Belgrano 313, 1st floor, Of 101, San Isidro, Buenos Aires (North)
Escribania Gomez Crovetto
Public notaries specialized in partnerships, trusteeships, condominium ownership, closed residential suburbs (countries), country clubs, rural establishments and real estate in general. Lavalle 1430, 6th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Roca & Sarrabayrouse Abogados
Legal firm providing Notary Public services for oaths, certification of documents issued in English. Av. Leandro N. Alem 822, 2nd floor, Buenos Aires City
Escribania Strega
Notary Public Vivian Yanina Strega provides notarial services for oaths, witness of signatures and certification of documents issued in English and Spanish. Sarmiento 680, 2nd floor, Office A, Buenos Aires City.