Opticians, Glasses & Contact Lenses

Glasses, eye prosthetics, mineral, organic, polycarbonate, transition and polarized crystals. Contact lenses. Honduras 3834, Palermo district, Buenos Aires City
On line and chain of optician stores. Sunglasses, prescription glasses, contact lenses, liquids, accessories. Av. Santa Fe 2102, Buenos Aires City and branches
Optical Web
Online and optician store. Delivery. Sunglasses, frames. Av. San Martin 7288, Buenos Aires City
Optica Griensu
Optical division: crystals, frames, sunglasses, magnifying glasses, binoculars. Contact lenses, liquids. Earphones, batteries, accessories. Scientific equipment: refractometers, polarimeters, digitial pH meters. Av. Santa Fe 1429, Buenos Aires City
Optica Ortopedia Popular
Optician and orthopedic products. Prescription glasses, frames, contact lenses, sunglasses, childrens glasses. Monday to Friday 09:00-12:30 and 15:00-19:30, Saturday 09:00-12:30. Av. La Plata 1084, Caballito district, Buenos Aires City
Optica Saracco
Founded in 1954. Crystals, frames, sun glasses, contact lenses, eye prosthetics, telescopes. Monday to Friday 09:00-20:00, Saturday 09:00-13:00. Juncal 821, Buenos Aires City and branches
Opticas Paragamian
Sunglasses, prescription glasses, crystals, frames, contact lenses, cleaning liquids, intra-canal and retroauricular earphones, Monday to Friday 09:00-20:00, Saturday 10:00-14:00. Av. Cabildo 1567, Belgrano district, Buenos Aires City and branches
Look Out
Over 50 years experience. Sun and prescription glasses, contact lenses, accessories. Monday to Friday 10:00-14:00 and 15:00-19:30, Saturday 09:30-13:30. Echeverria 2489, Belgrano district, Buenos Aires City and branches
Optica Cingolani
Sun, prescription glasses. Crystals, lenses. Contact lenses. Accessories. Eye prosthetics. OHiggins 2066, Buenos Aires City and branch
All main brands in glasses and contact lenses, frames, accessories. Unicenter shopping center, store 1247, Parana 3745, Martinez. (North).
Optica Convergencia
Opticians. Frames, crystals. Prescription, special glasses. Contact lenses. Earphones. OHiggins 2129, Buenos Aires City
Optica Don Torcuato
Monofocal, bifocal and multifocal lenses. Rigid and soft contact lenses. Industrial safety eyewear. Photography cameras. Almirante Brown 1682, Don Torcuato. (North)
Optica Roma
Crystales, sunglasses, prescription glasses, contact lenses, liquids, accessories. Monday to Friday 09:30-19:00. Tucuman 1626, Buenos Aires City
Instituto Optico San Juan
Opticians. Av. San Juan 2001, Buenos Aires City
Opticas Lof
Optician stores. Sunglasses, contact lenses, frames, accessories. Av. Las Heras, Recoleta district, Buenos Aires City and branches
Contact lenses designers and manufacturers, spectacles, ocular prostheses, low vision, intraocular lenses audiology services. 60 year experience. Av Pueyrredon 1706, C1119ACN Buenos Aires City and branches