Pharmacies, Medical Supplies & Services

Products for skin and hair with natural components. Fragrances. Baby products. Armenia 1527, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Laboratorio HIdalgo
Clinical laboratory services ISO 15189 accredited, participating in national and international Proficiency Testing Programs. Ladislao Martinez 43, B1640EYA Martinez. (North)
Zona Vital
Chain of pharmacies mostly in the North of the city. 24 hr home delivery service. Monday to Sunday 24 hs. Av. Sante Fe 2013, Martinez (North) and stores.
Clinical test laboratory. Agribusiness consultancy. Business and labor medicine. Av. Callao 25, 2nd floor D, Buenos Aires City and branches.
Argentina Medical Products
Distributor of medical-hospital equipment, implantable products, and mass consumptions supplies. Health market consultancy. Scientific research. Health insurance, corporate plans. Hospital supplies. Cullen 5769, 5th floor, 1431 Buenos Aires City
Farmacia Valdes
Pharmacy. General Pintos 39, Barrio General Paz, Villa Celina. (West)
Farmacia Carlos Pellegrini
Pharmacy. Carlos Pellegrini 765, Buenos Aires City
Farmacia del Retiro
Pharmacy. Talcahuano 970, Buenos Aires City
Farmacia Inglesa Mendez
Pharmacy. Av. de Mayo 900, Buenos Aires City
Body Health Group
Manufacturer of esthetic and medical equipment. Body Health Institute: facial and corporal beauty treatments. Av. Constituyentes 1080, General Pacheco. (North)
Optica Griensu
Optical division: crystals, frames, sunglasses, magnifying glasses, binoculars. Contact lenses, liquids. Earphones, batteries, accessories. Scientific equipment: refractometers, polarimeters, digitial pH meters. Av. Santa Fe 1429, Buenos Aires City
Farmacia Dominguez
Pharmacy. Ramon Franco 3399, Remedios de Escalada. (South)
Farmacia Azul
Pharmacy. Monday to Friday 08:00-20:30, Saturday 09:00-14:00. Av. de Mayo 675, Buenos Aires City
Farmacia Blanco Galvez
Pharmacy. Av. Senguel 6735, Gonzalez Catan. (West)
Buenos Aires International Medicine
Coordination of trips to Buenos Aires City for medical treatments. Air, ground transfers, accommodation, free time. Junin 1054, Ground floor F, 1113 Buenos Aires City
Farmacia Nestore
Pharmacy. Remedios de Escalada de San Martin 2100, Valentin Alsina. (South)
Farmacias del Dr. Ahorro
Chain of Mexican discount pharmacies. Estomba 44, C1427COB Buenos Aires City and branches
Farmacia de la Costa
Pharmacy. Lasalle 653, San Isidro. (North)
Chain of pharmacy stores. Drugs, cosmetics, personal hygiene, home health products. Av. Santa Fe 2830, C1425BGQ Buenos Aires City and branches
Farmacia Behring
Pharmacy. Av. Santa Fe 1399, Martinez. (North)