Property Search & House Hunters

Offers expertise in rentals and sales of family homes, businesses buildings and land. Services for foreigners.
Buenos Propiedades
Sale and rent of properties. Advice to foreigners. Development and marketing of housing projects. Financial services. Private and bank mortgages. Personal loans for restorations. Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00. Av. Corrientes 1302, Buenos Aires City
Bowers & Simmons
Real estate management services providing searches of homes for temporary or long term rental, properties on sale as well as property administration. Specialization in Puerto Madero properties. Olga Cossettini 380, Buenos Aires City.
Real Estate Argentina
On line search portal with information on other real estate portals, properties for sale and rental, real estate agents.
Money Check & Counting
Experienced cashier provides personal and trustful assistance at money transactions, by counting and verifying the authenticity of Euro, Dollar and Peso banknotes. References available. Service discretely provided at customers desired location.
Carlos Scarpati Propiedades
Advice offered for construction and recycling of properties.
Real estate, farms and ranches for sale. Homesteads, fruit farmsm, wineries and vineyards, week-end farms, tourism, hunting and fishing, developments, farms for rent. Posadas 1564, 1st floor, office 2, 1112 Buenos Aries City
BA Know How
Real estate hunting, counseling, purchase and administration, taxes, notary public, deeds, travel permits, powers of attorney, health care. Specialized in solving expatriate problems.
Reynolds Propiedades
Real estate sales, short & long term rentals, farms, acreages & vineyards, new developments, with fully bilingual English-Spanish staff.
Quotations, rentals, purchase and sale of properties among various other services offered.