Regional Food & Drink

Homemade cuisine. Breakfast, lunch or afternoon pastry. Baked goods, yogurt and fruits, bagels, sandwiches and wraps. Terrace-garden. El Salvador 6016, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
1810 Argentina
Argentine cuisine. Empanadas, locro, carbonada, mondongo, lentils, tamales, humita, salads, desserts. Marcelo T. de Alvear 868, Retiro, Buenos Aires City and branches.
Contigo Peru
Peruvian cuisine. Ceviche, tiradito, choros, chicharron, causa, rocoto, ocopa, chaufa, tacu tacu, carapulcra, chanfainita, suspiro limeno, picarones. Echeverria 1627, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
Parrilla La Brigada
Argentine cuisine. Meat (parrillada), Empanadas, salads, desserts. wines Estados Unidos 465, San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.
Gran Parrilla del Plata
Argentine cuisine. Appetizers, parrillada, homemade pastas, desserrts, wines. Chile 594, San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.
Chivito Jose
Uruguayan chivitos (special meat sandwiches), pizzas, fast food. Delivery. Av. del Libertador 3802, La Lucila. (North).
Cantina El Taladro
Parrilla (barbecue), pastas, fish and seafood, paella. Executive menu, delivery. Daily 12:00-15:00 and 20:00-24:00. Diagonal Salta 596, Martinez. (North)
La Pacena
Argentine empanadas and amarrenos. Cazuelas, pizzas, desserts. Echeverria 2570, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
La Vedette
Parrilla (barbecue), pastas, entrees, desserts. Av. Rivadavia 14208, Ramos Mejia. (West)
La Cabana
Traditional, 75-year-old venue specializing in Argentine meat and local meals. Alicia Moreau de Justo 380, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires City.
South American cuisine. Lamb, veal, pork, llama, quail, corn-fed chicken, grouper, wreckfish, sea bream, sea bass, homemade pastas, exotic fruits and vegetables. Social and corporate events, catering. 3 de Febrero 1167, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
Aires Criollos
Argentinean barbecued (parrillada) specialities as well as other innovative dishes. The dining room is decorated with authentic native style. Av. Santa Fe 1773, Buenos Aires City.
Siga la Vaca
Restaurant specialized in barbecue (asado) with "all you can eat" policy. Branches in Costanera, Puerto Madero, San isidro and Pilar.
Munich Recoleta
Traditional local cuisine. Roberto M. Ortiz 1871, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
San Telmo Food Tour
3 hour tour of San Telmo district visiting cafes and restaurants, tango parlors, art galleries and antique shops. Friday, 12:30.
Cabana Villegas
Traditional Argentinian barbecue (parrilla), pastas, desserts. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1050, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires City
Casa Cruz
Argentine urban cuisine. Pork, veal, risotto, baby goat, ravioli, creme brulee. Corporate and private events. Uriarte 1658, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Asadores de campo
Traditional Argentine barbecue (asado) prepared at the customers venue or at business premises.
Casa Coupage
Closed door restaurant with Argentine cuisine. Wine tasting club, pairing. Theme events for national and foreign events. Dinners, lunches, cocktails, presentations. Soler 5518, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Pan y Arte
Typical food from the province of Mendoza, oven-cooked naturally, with organic flours and seeds, fresh fruit and juices. Wine. Live music. Sale of bread, jam, regional products, dry fruit, nuts. Boedo 880, Boedo, Buenos Aires City.
Barrancas de Alvear
Restarurant and pub overlooking the river. Executive and childrens menu. Salad bar, parrillada (barbecue), pastas, pancakes, ice-cream. Alvear 2312, Martinez. (North).
Argentine cuisine. Parrillada, pastas, salads, fish, desserts. Delivery. Ramon Falcon 6701, Liniers, Buenos Aires City.
La Cantina del Toto
Canteen-style Argentine cuisine. Balcarce 761, San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.
Fixed price quality restaurant. Av. Rafael Obligado 6551, Palermo, Buenos Aires City and branches.
Patagonia Sur
Argentinian food in a remodeled 1920 structure reminiscent of the Italian architecture style. Rocha 801, La Boca, Buenos Aries City.
Museo Evita Restaurant
Breakfast, executive lunch or tea. Typical food and wine. Juan Maria Gutierrez 3926, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Casa Felix
Private dinners and cuisine ingredient driven for cultural investigations. Promoting local cultures, stimulating edible biodiversity and a support to small scale and ecological food producers. Based in Casa Felix in Chacarita neighborhood.
Asados argentinos
Argentine family prepares tailor made meals based on the Argentine typical asado (barbecue). Bites, starters, main course consistent of cuts of meat, wines, salads and dessert. Castro 544, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
La Caballeriza
Specialized in Argentinian meat and local cuisine. Catering and events. Dardo Rocha 1740, Martinez. (North) and branches
Argentine cuisine restaurant and bar. Events. Thames 878, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
The Argentine Experience
3-hour experience in groups of 4 to 18 people, making empanadas, having lunch or dinner, mate tasting and alfajores. Fitz Roy 2110, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
La Morada
Typical local food served in a history-laden environment. Lentil stew, "empanadas," "locro," pies, pastry. Larrea 1336, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
El Baqueano
Argentine cuisine based on local meats. Tasting menu: fish, vizcacha, yacare, mousaka/llama, buffalo, dessert. Wine pairing. Chile 495, San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.
Dale Perejil al Toro
Argentine cuisine. Parrillada, pastas, vegetable barbecue, homemade desserts, wines. Estado de Israel 4483, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
La Cabrera
Argentine cuisine. Parrillada, desserts, wines. Cabrera 5099 and 5127, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires City.
Argentine cuisine. Parrillada. Pastas, red meat, fish, seafood. Executive menu. Delivery. Bolivar 1299, San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.
Robertson Wine Tours
Tours of Buenos Aires, Uruguay and Mendoza to appreciate cuisines and wines of the region. Hands on cooking experiences, demonstrations and tastings. Tailor made tours including lodging and transport service.
La Chicha
Parrilla (barbecue), beef, lamb or pork, seafood, pastas, risottos. Alem 317, Ramos Mejia (West):
Restaurant led by Colombian Santiago, Camilo and Laura Macias. Santiago is the chef and Laura and Camilo act as hosts. Seven course menu is served to discover different flavors of the Latin American cuisine. Murillo 725, Buenos Aires City.
El Historico
Located in the historic home of Argentine writer Jose Hernandez. Argentine cuisine. Salads, entrees, risotto, pastas, fish, meat, parrillada, ice-cream, pancakes, tiramisu. Mexico 524, San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.
Typical Argentinian grilled meat (parrilla), homemade pastas, vegetables, fish and meat dishes. Baez 292, Las Canitas district, Buenos Aires City
The Engine
Theme (cars) restaurant, parrilla (barbecue), bar and pub. Huergo 190, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
36 Billares
Traditional bar and restaurant. Argentine cuisine. Dinner show. Billiards, pool and snooker rooms. Tango classes. Av. de Mayo 1265, Monserrat, Buenos Aires City.
Cafe and restaurant. Argentine cuisine, salad bar, patisserie. Delivery and catering. Liniers 2063, Tigre.
Hernan Gipponi Restaurant
Argentine cuisine. Breakfast, happy hour, room service. Wine cellar. Food pairings. Soler 5862, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Restaurant and winery. Jazz happy hour on Wednesdays. Moreno 372, Monserrat, Buenos Aires City.
La Boca Food Tour
3 hour tour of La Boca district tasting typical food (fugazzeta, wine, empanadas, asado) away from the normal tourist circuit. Tuesday and Thursday 12:30.
La Dorita
Argentine parrilla (barbecue). Humboldt 1905, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires City and branches in Belgrano district, near the Botanical gardens and on Av. Libertador.