Relocation & Help Moving to Argentina

Latin American Relocation Management
Look-see trip, househunting, settling-in assistance, tenancy management, departure package, immigration services, language lessons, cross-cultural training. Thames 122, 1609 Boulogne (North).
Solutions to companies, organizations and embassies to relocate executives, staff members and diplomats. Las Heras 1983, 1st floor, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
Customized services to help expats establish easily in Buenos Aires, from hiring gardeners, to pest control issues to interpreting services.
Argentina Immigration Support
Working, student, business, pensioner visas. Help in finding jobs, housing, schooling. Translators, certificates, legal services. 12 years experience and over 10,000 approved visas. Av. de Mayo 1370, Monserrat, Buenos Aires City.
Welcome Relocation & Real Estate
Executives relocation. Advice on home and schooling search, language courses, moving, cultural immersion, documents, tourism and recreation, shopping. Albarellos 739, Acassuso (North).
Bustamante Quintana
Relocation of executives. Selection of moving companies, advice on rental/purchase of property, schooling, Spanish courses, shopping and tourism, sports lessons, maids, legal and medical assistance, leisure activities.
BA Know How
Counseling on real estate purchases, administration issues in buildings, taxes, powers of attorney. Experienced in solving expatriate problems.
Neygi Moving & Relocations
Moving services from, to and within Argentina. Office/commercial moves, storage, pre-move survey and advice, transport of vehicles, pets and other animals, insurance policies, client services. Ing. White 1461, Victoria (North)
International pet relocation. Ground and air transport as cargo or special door-to-door delivery. Information on requirements for each destination. Paperwork, certificates, and consulate fees. ISO-approved microchip IDs.Alvear 407, Martinez (North).
Reception at airport, orientation tour, migration and documentation assistance, home and school search, domestic service. Property search. Olleros 2411, 3rd floor, office 305, Buenos Aires City.
BUE Location
Advice on home searches, legal and notarial advice, international moving service, home tailoring, Spanish lessons, schooling, shopping assistance, clubs, medical care, baby-sitters, maids. Av. Santa Fe 2103, 4th floor A, Buenos Aires City.
EMS Immigration & Relocation
Residence/work permits, consular assistance, marriage/birth certificates, police records, notarizations, academic titles. Guidance prior arrival, leasing contracts for homes, bank accounts, moving. Maipú 687, Piso 7 floor, Buenos Aires City.
PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions
Pet relocation since 2001 providing domestic and international services for dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals. Pet hotel in home base installations. Door-to-door services and handling of certificates. Bogota 1074, Martinez, Buenos Aires (North).
Movar Group
Relocation and moving specialist with over 20 years of experience serving government and multinational companys staff as well a private clients in finding and fitting a home. Immigration procedures and schooling needs. San Isidro, Buenos Aires (North).
SAAI Argentina
Furniture and appliances rental for short or mid term periods. Assistance in furnishing and decorating. Ample catalog of furniture for all rooms in a house or events and parties. Packing, delivery and arrangement included in the service.
Homecoming Latin America S.A.
Airport reception, neighborhood tours, school visits, cultural briefing, security advice, temporary living quarters, shopping, pre-move and home-finding assistance, school search, language training, documents. Azopardo 1337, 2nd floor, Buenos Aires City
Holistic Relocation
Cross-cultural training, practical induction, home location, check-in, education, 60-day assistance, check-out/return, contract renewal/extension, exploratory trip, residence and visas, movings. Cespedes 3249, office 11, Colegiales, Buenos Aires City.
Labs Relocation Services
Based in Buenos Aires and active since 1997, offers personalized relocation assistance, intercultural workshops for transferees and their families. Laprida 177, Tower 1, 3rd floor, Apartment A, 1642 San Isidro. (North)
Freight forwarder. International transport, foreign commerce, customs procedures and documentation, technical advice, door-to-door service, international moves, insurance. Diagonal Norte 710, 3rd floor F, Buenos Aires City.
Bris Relocation Argentina
Initial contact, reception and transfer at airport, local information, search for home and schooling, inventory control, bank accounts, personal care.
Argentina Mobility Services
Argentina based company with over 20 years experience in assisting relocation issues, immigration processes, moving and expense management, furniture rental and temporary accommodation.
Universal Cargo
International and domestic moves, storage, art, relocation, pets, insurance, logistics. Tacuari 202, 1st floor, Monserrat, Buenos Aires City.
Shine Relocation
Relocation services providing hotel or home, rental of furniture, search for schools, assisting to set in, immigration procedures and a variety of practical assistance for newcomers.
Information package on arrival, short term accommodation, airport reception, orientation on housing and schooling, pets importation, lease arrangements, inventory, paper work, medical coverage, motor vehicles. M. Sturiza 618, office B, Olivos (North).
Conta con nosotros (Count on us)
Roberto and Daphne are a married couple of professionals willing to assist with errands, translations, schooling guidance, household services and helping elderly people. Service provided for Northern suburbs of Buenos Aires.