Schools & International Schooling

Colegio San Javier
Primary and secondary bilingual school with Cambridge international examinations.
Southern Cross School
Kindergarten, primary and secondary bilingual, co-ed school.
St. Matthew's College
Lay, coeducational and bilingual school.
William Shakespeare School
Bilingual institution offers nursery school, kindergarten, primary, secondary, college.
Lincoln School
Officially accredited by both the U.S. based Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Province of Buenos Aires.
St. Gregorys School
Kindergarten, pre-school, primary and secondary bilingual, co-ed school.
Belgrano Day School
Bilingual kinder, primary, middle and senior schooling, specializes in science, arts, languages and social studies.
Villa Devoto School
Kindergarten, primary and secondary bilingual co-ed school in Argentina.
Escuela del Mirador
Bilingual co-ed initial, primary and secondary education school.
Saint Gregory's College
Bilingual primary and secondary school following National Curriculum and International Exams, ICE.
St. Pauls College
Bilingual education offered from early age through to Secondary.
Del Viso Day School
Bilingual school in Northern district of Buenos Aires.
British Council Argentina
UK international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities.
Florence Nightingale School
Primary and secondary school, with mixed trilingual, English, Spanish and French languages.
ESSARP - English Speaking Scholastic Association of the Rive...
Training courses for primary and secondary teachers, specialist education library.
Boston College
Secondary school curriculum with English and Portuguese language education.
Oakhill School CABA
Provides a comprehensive bilingual education with religious background.
Traditional English-speaking community, bilingual, co-ed education offered.
Colegio Los Molinos
Primary and secondary, fully bilingual boys school, with Christian (Catholic) formation.
St. Alban's College
Traditional English community fully bilingual co-ed school.
Balmoral College
Initial, primary and secondary bi-lingual, co-ed school.
St Andrews Scots School
Offers kindergarten, primary, secondary school and physical education among others.
Colegio Norbridge
Specializes in primary and secondary bilingual, co-ed education.
St George’s College
Offers bilingual, co-educational kindergarten, preparatory and college.
Bedes Grammar School
Offers initial, primary and secondary bi-lingual co-ed schooling.
Glasgow College
Bilingual initial, primary and secondary education.
Barker College
Co-ed school offers kindergarten, junior, middle and senior schooling.
San Isidro Delta School
Bilingual, co-ed school, offers initial schooling in a natural park environment with dance and Lego projects.
St Hildas College
Kindergarten, primary, secondary fully bilingual, co-ed education. Also offers various curricular activities.
William Caxton School
Bilingual school specializes in implementing techniques based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Teaching for Understanding Project.
Colegio Palermo Chico
Bilingual kindergarten, primary and secondary school.
United High School
Bilingual kindergarten, primary and secondary non-religious school.
St. Lukes College
Primary and secondary bilingual courses offered based on Math, information technology, sciences, music and arts among others.
Grilli Canning College
Bilingual school with kindergarten, junior school and senior school levels.
San Joaquin School
Initial, primary and secondary bilingual co-ed education offered.
St Johns School
Initial, primary and secondary fully bilingual co-ed education offered.
Buenos Aires English High School
The institution has provided primary courses where English is taught and practiced as a second language.
Goethe Schule
Bilingual and bi-cultural school providing learning programs for initial, primary and secondary levels of education.
Lomas High School
Bilingual initial, primary and secondary education with Christian orientation.
Saint Charles College
Co-ed bilingual kindergarten, primary and secondary school.
Riverside School
Primary and secondary bilingual, co-ed education.
St. Trinneans School
Primary, secondary, teaching and university education offered.
Nueva Escuela Argentina 2000
Provides a bilingual program at kindergarten, primary and secondary levels.
Florida Day School
Junior, Middle and Senior bilingual schooling.
Washington School
 International Baccalaureate Organization offers bilingual, co-ed, initial, primary and secondary school.
Septiembre School
Mixed, secular and bilingual primary school.
Colegio Tarbut
Jewish trilingual school, offering initial, primary and secondary education.
International House Buenos Aires Teacher Training
Languages and teacher training offered in English and Spanish.
Offers exchange program and scholarships with the aim to strengthen trust, ties and international cooperation.
St. Marks School
Bilingual, co-ed school, kindergarten, primary and secondary education offered.
Colegio Pestalozzi
Mixed, non-religious and bi-cultural school, with intensive courses in English and German.
St. Catherines Moorlands
Bilingual kindergarten, primary, secondary school offered.
A co-ed Christian, international school providing a double curriculum for children from 2 years old to 12th grade.
St Georges College North
Provides bilingual, co-educational kindergarten, preparatory and college in an eight hectare campus.