Schools & International Schooling

Goethe Schule
Bilingual and bi-cultural - German and Argentine - school providing learning programs for initial, primary and secondary levels of education. English language training with international examinations. Reclus 2250, Boulogne, Buenos Aires (North).
St Georges College - Quilmes
Bilingual, co-educational kindergarten, preparatory and college. Sports, arts, community service, student exchange, activities. Guido 800, 1878 Quilmes,
St Johns School
Initial, primary and secondary fully bilingual co-ed education, centered on sciences, arts and sports, links with main English-speaking institutions worldwide (IGCSE - BI). General Pueyrredon 1499, 1640 Martinez. (North) and branches
St Andrews Scots School
Founded in 1838, it has been part of the British community first as a boys school and now co-ed, adding the University as part of its comprehensive bilingual education project. Rosales 2809, 1636 Olivos. (North)
St Hildas College
Kindergarten, primary, secondary fully bilingual, co-ed education, sports, music, drama, social work, career guidance, agreements with universities. Isabel La Catolica 1710, B1686FKN Hurlingham. (West)
Community of former and current participants of the Fulbright exchange program with the aim to strengthen trust, ties and international cooperation and spread the spirit of the Fulbright program in Argentina and in the region.
Riverside School
Primary and secondary bilingual, co-ed education. Guemes 318, Acassuso (North).
Colegio Highlands
Primary and Secondary school following the Argentine curricula as well as art and culture workshops, sports, supportive programs and English at all levels. Gaspar Campos 225, Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires North.
Colegio Tarbut
Jewish trilingual school. Initial, primary, secondary education. Rosales 3019, 1636 Olivos. (North)
St. Pauls College - Hurlingham
Bilingual education from early age through to Secondary. Comprehensive education and International Certification. Juan de Garay 950, Hurlingham. (Northwest).
Colegio Los Molinos
Primary and secondary, fully bilingual boys school, with Christian (Catholic) formation. Int. Avalos 2751, Munro. (North)
Bedes Grammar School
Initial, primary and secondary bi-lingual, co-ed schooling. Physical education, arts, science and technology, horse-riding, environmental education. Open day, Earth Day, concert. CIE, IGCSE and AICE exams. Alejandro Korn and Panama, Tortuguitas (North).
Barker College
Kinder, junior, middle, senior school, co-ed, IGCSE, Old Barkonian Association. Miter 131, B1832JDA Lomas de Zamora. (South)
Lincoln School
Over 70 years of a distinctly American approach to education. Officially accredited by both the U.S. based Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Province of Buenos Aires. Andres Ferreyra 4073, B1637AOS La Lucila. (North)
A co-ed Christian, international school providing a double curriculum (American and Argentinean) for children from 2 years old to 12th grade. Av. Libertador 2170, San Fernando. (North)
ESSARP - English Speaking Scholastic Association of the Rive...
Founded in 1926 to provide a forum of interchange between the heads of British-type schools in Argentina and Uruguay. Training courses for primary and secondary teachers, specialist education library. Esmeralda 672, 7th floor, C1007ABF Buenos Aires City
Glasgow College
Bilingual initial, primary and secondary education. YLE exam from Cambridge University. Av. Richieri 37, Bella Vista. (Northwest)
Florence Nightingale School
Mixed trilingual, English, Spanish and French. Primary and Secondary school. International Certificates PET, IGCSE and AICE. Vuelta de Obligado 514, Acassuso, Buenos Aires (North).
Colegio Norbridge
Primary and secondary bilingual, co-ed education, multimedia, library, IT lab, art and music, English immersion trip to England. Estomba 4060, 1430 Buenos Aires City
St. Matthews College
Lay, coeducational, bilingual school. Main site located in Belgrano area and a campus in Pilar city. Moldes 1469, Buenos Aires City.
Cengage Learning
Tailor-made learning systems for schools, universities, teachers, libraries, businesses and governments. Rojas 2128, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
Villa Devoto School
Kindergarten, primary and secondary bilingual, co-ed school. Pedro Moran 4441, Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires City.
Traditional English-speaking comunnity, bilingual, co-ed education. Roma 1248, B1636CYT Olivos and Nordelta branch.
St. Matthews College
A Mary Moore School. Mixed, bilingual education located in Northern district. Roque Saenz Pena 1855, Olivos.
British Council
UK international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Marcelo T. de Alvear 590, Buenos Aires City (visits with prior appointment only).
San Isidro Delta School
Bilingual, co-ed school. Initial schooling in a natural park environment with dance and Lego Project. Primary education with information and communication technologies. Italia 4046, Nuevo Delta, Tigre (North).
Belgrano Day School
Bilingual kinder, primary, middle and senior schooling. Specializations in Sciences, Arts and Languages, and Social Studies. University of Cambridge international examinations. Juramento 3035, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City
San Joaquin School
Intial, primary and secondary bilingual co-ed education. Arts and crafts. Pueyrredon 499, Villa Ballester (West).
Lomas High School
Bilingual initial, primary and secondary education. Christian orientation. ESOL, IGSE, FCE, CAE and CPE exams Miter 250, 1832 Lomas de Zamora. (South)
Colegio Pestalozzi
Mixed, non-religious and bi-cultural school, with intensive courses in English and German. Initial, primary and secondary levels. Ramon Freire 1882, Belgrano district, Buenos Aires City.
Saint Gregorys College
Bilingual Primary and Secondary school following National Curriculum and International Exams, ICE. Personal and social development program, Music, physical education and drama activities. Melo 948, Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires (North).
St. Albans College
Traditional English community fully bilingual co-ed school with over a hundred years. Ramon Falcon 250, 1832 Lomas de Zamora. (South)
St. Catherines Moorlands
Bilingual kindergarten, primary, secondary school. Arg, design and technology. French. Information technology. Carbajal 3250, Belgrano district, 1426 Buenos Aires City and branch.
Boston College
Secondary school curriculum with English and Portuguese language eduction. Charcas 3949, Buenos Aires City.
Escuela del Mirador
Bilingual co-ed initial, primary and secondary education. Social care projects. Fernandez de Enciso 3565, Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires City
Buenos Aires English High School
Since 1884 the institution has provided Primary courses where English is taught and practiced as a second language. Pupils are prepared to take international examinations. Melian 1880, Buenos Aires City
Florida Day School
Junior, Middle and Senior bilingual schooling. Gral J. J. de Urquiza 2151, Florida, Buenos Aires (North).
Del Viso Day School
Bilingual school in Northern district of Buenos Aires. Kindergarten, Junior and High School programs. Roberto Koch 1639, Del Viso, Buenos Aires North.
Nueva Escuela Argentina 2000
Since 1993 NEA 2000 provides a bilingual program at kindergarten, primary and secondary levels. Vidal 1838, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
Grilli Canning College
Bilingual school with Kindergarten, Junior School and Senior School levels. Mondays to Fridays, 07:30-17:00 and Saturdays 10:00-13:00. Boulevard Dupuy 4600, Esteban Echeverria (South).
St. Gregorys School
Kindergarten, pre-school, primary and secondary bilingual, co-ed school. Sports, guided tours, camps, outings, events, choral tour, reading project. Serrano 1116, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
International House Buenos Aires Teacher Training
Languages and teacher training in English and Spanish. Regular, intensive, individual and tailor-made courses. Online courses. IHC Spanish courses. Vuelta de Obligado 1808, 5th floor, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City.
William Shakespeare School - St. Augustine
Bilingual institution since 1922. Nursery school, kindergarten, primary, secondary, college. Lavalle 109, Temperley (South).
Colegio Palermo Chico
Bilingual kindergarten, primary and secondary school. French, IT, art. Thames 2037, Palermo, Buenos Aires City
St Brendans College
Irish-original, bilingual, co-ed, founded in 1966, lay with Catholic orientation. Superi 2057, 1430 Buenos Aires City.
St. Matthews College North
Bilingual kindergarten, junior school, middle and senior school in a 17 hectare campus. Caamano 493, Ruta Panamericana Km. 46, B1631BUI Pilar. (North)
St Georges College North
Bilingual, co-educational kindergarten, preparatory and college in an eight hectare campus. Sports, science, IGCSE, IB. Pastoral care. Comodoro Rivadavia and Don Bosco, Los Polvorines.
St. Marks School
Bilingual, co-ed school, Kindergaten, primary and secondary. Extra activities, educational and travel trips, service learning. Murature 659, San Isidro (North).
Mixed, secular and bilingual primary school. The English program is developed in 3 areas: self-esteem, literature and projects. Trinity College Examinations. Laprida 1871, Recoleta district, Buenos Aires City.
Washington School
Bilingual, co-ed, initial, primary and secondary school, International Baccalaureate Organization, University of Cambridge ESOL, Third language: Portuguese. Av. Federico Lacroze 1973, 1426 Buenos Aires City
Saint Charles College
Co-ed bilingual kindergarten, primary and secondary school. IGCSE, ICE and AICE exams. Rugby, hockey, soccer, athletics. Extra-curricular activities. Libertad 34, Martinez. (North)
Colegio San Javier
Primary and secondary bilingual school with over 30 years of experience. Cambridge international examinations. J. A. Cabrera 5901, Buenos Aires City.
Balmoral College
Initial, primary and secondary bi-lingual, co-ed school. Arts, sports, science and technology. International exams. National and international trips. Manuel Castro 1536, Banfield (South).
Caxton School
Bilingual school with levels for children from 6 to 17 years old implementing techniques based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Teaching for Understanding Project. Jose Maria Paz 3540, Olivos, Buenos Aires (North).
United High School
Bilingual kindergarten, primary and secondary non-religious school. Over 30 years of experience. Montaneses 2434, Belgrano district, 1428 Buenos Aires City
St. Lukes College
Primary and secondary bilingual courses based on Maths, information technology, sciences, music and arts, social studies, physical education and language. Branches at Olivos, Nordelta and Haras Santa Maria. Olivos branch: Azcuenaga 2340.
Member of the Semper Altius international school network with more than 60 years of experience, providing a comprehensive bilingual education with religious background. Branches in Juncal 1914, Canavery 7557, Buenos Aires City, and Pilar (North).
St. Trinneans School
Primary, secondary, teaching and university education in an atmosphere where harmonious relationships are fostered.rents. Educational Orientation Department to assist pupils during their learning programs. Nicolas Avellaneda 450, San Isidro (North).
Southern Cross School
Kindergarden, primary and secondary bilingual, co-ed school. Colectora Panamericana, Ramal Tigre 2375, San Isidro (North).