Theatres & Concerts: Buenos Aires City

Theater, concert halls. Acting school. Venezuela 3340, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Theater, music, shows. Artists. Events. Jean Jaures 715, Abasto, Buenos Aires City.
Paraje Arteson
Theater, workshops, courses, exhibitions space. Palestina 919, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Centro Cultural Resurgimiento
Music, theater, dance, plastic arts, artistic festivals, popular dance and music. Workshops. Monday to Friday 10:00-21:00. Artigas 2262, La Paternal, Buenos Aires City.
Theater, cinema, exhibitions, workshops, seminars. Virrey Arredondo 2495, Colegiales, Buenos Aires City.
Espacio Cultural Pata de Ganso
Cultural and artisitic formation and research center. Improvisation, contemporary dance, body training, Klein and Suzuki techniques courses. Pasaje Zelaya 3122, Balvanera, Buenos Aires City.
IMPA - La Fabrica
Cultural center. Courses: trapeze, fabric, folklore, photography, tango, guitar, song. Querandies 4290, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Theater halls. Theater, body expression, mime courses. Valentin Gomez 3100, Balvanera, Buenos Aires City.
El Sotano
Theater hall for 60 spectators. Performances. Bar. Teodoro Garcia 3234, Colegiales, Buenos Aires City.
El Camarin de las Musas
Theater, dance, shows, exhibitions, restaurant. Mario Bravo 960, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Centro Cultura Teatro Fray Mocho
Theater workshops. Guitar, tango lessons. Peron 3644, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
El Teatro de Flores
Theater shows, courses and workshops. Rivera Indarte 129, Flores, Buenos Aires City.
Timbre 4
Theater hall and courses. Boedo 640, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Complejo Cultural Chacra de los Remedios
Music, theater, dance, contemporary art, short films. Workshops. Tuesday to Friday 14:00-20:00; Saturday, Sunday, holidays 11:00-20:00. Directorio and Lacarra, Parque Avellaneda, Buenos Aires City.
Club Atletico Fernandez Fierro
Social and cultural club based on the Fernandez Fierro Typical Orchestra (tango) and centered on tango, folklore and fusion music. Sanchez de Bustamante 764, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Theater halls, courses, exhibitions. Av. Avellaneda 1359, Caballito, Buenos Aires City.
Centro Cultural Marco del Pont
Rooms, galleries and gardens for art exhibitions. Theater, cinema, choirs, music, plastic arts. Workshops. Monday to Friday 14:00-20:00, Saturday and Sunday 15:00-24:00. Artigas 206, Flores, Buenos Aires City.
DAIN Usina Cultural
Cultural center. Music, art gallery, bar, organic orchard. Nicaragua 4899, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
Carlos Gandolfo
Acting training, theater. Diaz Velez 3842, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Teatro del Abasto
Theater hall for 100 spectators. Courses. Performances. Humahuaca 3549, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Theater hall, bar, live shows. Tucuman 3378, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Espacio Cultural del Sur
Music, exhibitions, cinema, theater, workshops. Av. Caseros 1750, Barracas, Buenos Aires City.
El Tinglado
Theater performances. Workshops for adults and children. Mario Bravo 948, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
Centro Cultural Adan Buenosayres
Theater for 300 people. Perforrming arts. Theater, dance, multimedia, workshops. Av. Asamblea 1200, Parque Chacabuco, Buenos Aires City.
Teatro Vorterix
Hall with capacity for 1600 with 2 independent music rinks. Av. Federico Lacroze 3455 and Av. Alvarez Thomas, Colegiales, Buenos Aires City.
Espacio Cultural Julian Centeya
Micro cinema theater. Jazz, folklore, tango, blues, theater, plastic arts. Workshops. Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-22:00. Av. San Juan 3255, San Cristobal, Buenos Aires City.
La Tertulia
Theater hall. Gallo 826, Balvanera, Buenos Aires City.
La Carpinteria Teatro
Theater hall, workshops, performances. Jean Jaures 858, Balvanera, Buenos Aires City.
Corrientes Azul
Theater shows, courses and workshops. Av. Corrientes 5965, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
El Crisol
Theater hall, performances, workshops, courses. Arismendi 2658, Agronomia, Buenos Aires City.
Espacio Cultural Carlos Gardel
Classica, jazz, folklore, tango and fusion music. Puppets, theater, circus, dance, cinema. Visual arts, talks and seminars. Tuesday to Friday 10:00-20:00, Saturday and Sunday 18:00-22:00. Olleros 3640, Chacarita, Buenos Aires City.
Pan y Arte
Theater, restaurant. Tango. Art gallery. Boedo 876, Boedo, Buenos Aires City.
Teatro del Pasillo
Theater hall, courses, performances. Colombres 35, Almagro, Buenos Aires City.
El Excentrico de la 18
Culture club. Theater performances and workshops. Lerma 420, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
Republica de Aca
Jazz, tango, stand-up, theater, live shows. Alvarez Thomas 601, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
Patio de Actores
Theater hall with 50 seats. Acting courses and workshops. Lerma 568, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City.
Teatro del Arte Facto
Theater performances, classes. Sarandi 760, San Cristobal, Buenos Aires City.
Theater space. Enrique Martinez 1427, Colegiales, Buenos Aires City.
Universidad Popular de Belgrano
Theater school, courses, library. Campos Salles 2145, Nunez, Buenos Aires City.