Translators & Interpreters

T&L Bro
Translations and interpretations services carried out by experienced professionals. Business, advertising, commercial and legal documents are our speciality. Assistance with personal correspondence. Buenos Aires (North).
English,Spanish translation and interpretation services. Sworn translation in finance, law and medicine. Consecutive, simultaneous and whispering interpretation. English language training. Spanish for foreigners courses.
Neo Language Services
Translations, editing, copywriting, subtitling, transcreation, voiceovers services carried by native English professionals.
Ana Julia Brassara
Technical translator with specialization in legal documents. Mansilla 532, Ituzaingo, Buenos Aires (West)
Jorge D. Milazzo
Public translator and interpreter covering English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese projects.
Soledad Ibarra
Public translator speaking Spanish, French and English. Specializes in personal documents, legal, medicine, transportation and maritime issues. Calle 44, N 978, 12th floor, B, La Plata, Buenos Aires (South).
Cecilia Gettner
Spanish, English and German translator specialized in legal, commercial, technical documents. Mendoza 3190, 4th floor, A, Buenos Aires City.
English Flow
Language services including training courses, translation, interpretation and consulting in English and Spanish.
LV Studio
Translation services of commercial documents, literary material, advertising and sworn translations. Comprehensive interpreting service for business, academic or tourist meetings. Darragueyra 2394, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Gear Translations
800 translators and linguistic professionals from around the world. Technical, corporate translations and transcriptions. Instant Quote. Humboldt 2036, Buenos Aires City.
Language Market
Translations, simultaneous and consecutive interperting, proofreading, audiovisual materials. San Martin 686, 10th floor, office 101, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires City.
Marisa Arteaga
Certified translator specialized in public documents and agreements.
Jose Jorge Aldecoa Davies
Technical translation Spanish-English in Electricity, Electronics, IT, Communications, Accountancy and Management, Mining, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Health and Medicine, Industrial processes. Tomkinson 3080, 1642 San Isidro. (North)
Mari Hodges
Extensive experience inEnglish, Japanese and Spanish translating and interpreting services. Creation of copy for advertisements, marketing materials and corporate communications. Scalabrini Ortiz 1628, Buenos Aires City
Silvia Newmeyer de Heyman
English, Spanish and German translator specialized in legal, business, medicine and market research documents. Estrada 2870, Olivos, Buenos Aires (North).
Punto Om
Correction, translation and consecutive interpretation. Translation of songs for theater musicals. Book Club.
Since 1982 providing multilingual solutions and B2B in the areas of translations, localization, interpreting, graphic design and desktop publishing. Lavalle 482, 9th floor, E, Buenos Aires City.
Virginia Lopez Grandjean
Experienced English-Spanish sworn translator specialized in Christian and social sciences texts and literary projects. Ramos Mejia (West)
Roc translations
Company providing public and private translations from and into English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese and German.
Adrian Perez
Sworn translator. Legal, commercial, financial, environmental and insurance and reinsurance translations.
Moira Bradbrook
Translator specialized in Economy, Accounts, International Relations, Diplomacy, Trade, Education, Engineering, Politics, Public documents, Protocol, Law and Art. Beruti 3752, 5th floor, Buenos Aires City
Cultures Connection
Translation and Interpretation Agency
Argentine Translator
Translations into Spanish and English. Based in downtown Buenos Aires. Sworn, technical, commercial, scientific and literary translations, proofreading, editing and interpreting services.
Claudia Goldman
Sworn translator. Legal, commercial, marketing, linguistic, public relations translations. Legal interpretation.
Austri Solutions
English - Spanish translators offering subtitling, sworn translations, technical translations, visual layout services. Ortega y Gasset 1598, Buenos Aires City.
Public translations, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, video-conference interpretatio, correction and edition of texts. English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Italian and Hebrew. Thames 2119, 1st floor E. Buenos Aires City
Brenda Hibdon
US native fluent in Spanish.Experienced Spanish and English translator and interpreter specializing in legal, medical, commercial, and financial documents.
Julieta Baccaro
Certified Translator (University of Buenos Aires). English-Spanish professional legal translation services - personal documents, certificates, CVs, contracts, court orders, litigation, reports. Editing and proofreading. Literary translation.
Skribo translations
Translations in the areas of IT and telecommunications, Real Estate, Hospitality services, Marketing, Business and Sworn translations.
Liliana Spitzer
Sworn translator. Legal, commercial, financial, medicine translations.
Area Broca
Event Management and Support & Language Service Provider: interpretation and translation services. Interpretation equipment rental and A/V support. Member of American Translators Association & AOCA. Hualfin 1134 7th floor, A, Buenos Aires City.
Claudia Fragomen
Public translator specializing in personal documents, commercial law and literary papers. Gascon 878, Buenos Aires City.
Deya idiomas
Company offering multilingual solutions to local and international businesses since 1999. Translation and software localization. Mendez de Andes 1544, Buenos Aires City.
Fabian Chornogubsky
English - Spanish, Spanish English translator and interpreter. Arenales 2039, 4th floor, Apartment A. Buenos Aires City
LatinoBridge Translation Services Company
LatinoBridge was started in 2010 to provide Latin America and the world with services in language translation and interpretation. 
Graciela / Grace Perillo
Spanish Classes. Certified-Literary Translator (English>Spanish); Spanish Tutor. All levels: from beginners to advanced. School-College exams; business; conversation; grammar; tailored classes.
Code Linguistic Services
Spanish courses for professionals, foreigners. Translation and interpretations services. Bilingual guides. Junin 1255, Ground floor B, Recoleta district, Buenos Aires City.
HLA Translations
Translation agency offering translation, interpreting, transcreation, localization, subtitling and dubbing services.
Lucia Prieto
Spanish / English public translator specialized with legal and personal documents and diplomas. Giribone 1224, Buenos Aires City.
Traducciones BMD
English-Spanish translations by native speakers. Literary, technical (specialized in oil, food and glass industries), marketing, health, security, environment (ISO, OSHAS, SGS standards). Prof. Marino 965, Temperley. (South)
TAL - Tartara, Araujo and Lo Russo
University degree translators. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation with a team of specialists in different fields. Sworn, technical and scientific translations. Event coordination and organization. Bartolome Miter 3520, Victoria (North).
Gaiana Bastitta Harriet
Public translator specialized in Law, Investment, Finance, Arts, Science and Literary translations. Also speaks intermediate level of French.
Silvana Garcia Calabria
Sworn translator. Legal, financial, technical, telecommunications translations.
FS Traducciones
English / Spanish sworn translator experienced with legal and literary translations. Guise 1635, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Novo Verbo
Novo Verbo is the language partner that businesses and individuals need for different languages solutions. Translations, interpretations, editing and proofreading services in French, English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish.
Nilda Ayala
Sworn translator. Legal, commercial, medicine, biochemistry, maritime, helicopters, dredging related translations. Garay 4257, Dept 4, Olivos, Buenos Aires North.
Raymond Ericson
Experienced translator/intepreter specialized in Christian and photography subjects.
Jennifer Perchik
English - Spanish translator experienced in working with Manuals, literary, technical and scientific documents, abstracts, CVs, Web pages and emails.
Bespoke English
Company headed by Jose Castaneda offering translations and interpretation services carried out by experienced professionals who have University degrees and business experience. Peron 729, 5th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Diana Mason
English / Spanish Interpreter experienced with medical, literature, marketing and educational subjects. Calle 439bis, N 2645, Gonnet, Buenos Aires (South).
ADM Lenguas
Services in business linguistics in the areas of consultancy, language training, translations, interpretations and workshops. Av. Corrientes 222, 10th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Andrea Natalia Huber
English and Spanish public translator specialized in legal and medicine documents. Catamarca 572, Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires (North)
Spanish Time in BA
Group and individual classes for learning the Spanish language. Palermo Soho, Canitas, and Downtown. Skype:
Mariana Agnolin
Public translator and interpreter specialized in translating personal documents. Villanueva 1400, Belgrano district, Buenos Aires City.
Interpretation in cabin and press conferences, simultaneous, consecutive and whispering, audiovisuals, interpretation school. Carabelas 235, 1st floor, C1009AAA Buenos Aires City
Patricia Rojas
Certified English translator. Technical and official documents. Simultaneous or consecutive interpreter for meetings.
Brusa & Asociados
Translation, interpretation, proofreading and editing services in English and Spanish. Arbitration, chemical, communications, energy, financial, food, government, IT, law, transportation. Olga Cosentini 1190, Apt 403, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires City.
Sworn Translators Association of the City of Buenos Aires
Non-profit, non-commercial association representing its members and their interests. Member of International Federation of Translators and charter member of the Argentine Federation of Translators. Av. Corrientes 1834, C1045AAN Buenos Aires City
Lorena Grancelli Translation Services
English to Spanish professional translation services rendered by native speakers specialising in translations for the healthcare and medicine sector, HR, business and legal as well as travel and tourism sectors.
Le mot juste linguistic solutions
Florencia Aguilar is a Spanish, Portuguese and English translator and interpreter working in various fields with sworn translators. Palermo, Buenos Aires City.
Ester Wesler
US native English / Spanish translator.
Bilingual Ideas
Translations, interpretation, copyediting, localization, subtitling services specialized in adademic texts, journalism and humanities.
Buenos Aires Center
Intensive Spanish as a foreign language, immersion programs of language and culture in Buenos Aires. Group and individual, company, business, homestay and farmstay, missionaries and pastors. Sarmiento 833, 4th floor B, Buenos Aires City
Maria Carla Carbone
Sworn translator specialized in translation of civil, commercial, finance and procedural law documents as well as certificates and formal instruments.
English and Spanish translation and interpretation services with over 11 years of experience. Pilar, Buenos Aires (North)
Literary Translations
Dr. Elisa Rosales, Ph.D. English-Spanish-English. New York Times Best Seller Translator. Editor. 15-5739-9763//4772-8873
Lidia Larino
Sworn translator. Legal, commercial, financial, insurance translations.
Perla Klein
Sworn translators. Legal translations, documents, signature authentication, advertising, web pages, review, scientific and technical translations.
Romina Paola Valdesogo
Public translator and interpreter managing legal, business and accounting translations.
Tunnard Translations
Daniel Tunnard, Diploma in Translation from Institute of Linguists, London. English-Spanish translations with native speakers, specialized in film, theater and literary translations.
Lilian Duek
Public translator with experience in medical, legal and technical translations. Speaks Spanish, French and German.
Claudia Calvosa
Sworn translator. Legal, commercial, financial, technical translations.
Linguistics Services S.A.
Translation company specialized in English/Spanish. Quality certified by TUV Rheinland. Services delivered to private and corporate accounts. Consultancy services supported by training, work over-load support and mentoring.
Asociacion Traductores
Translation bureau with 30 years experience. Sworn, technical, private translations. Simultaneaous and consecutive interpretation. Authentication of documents. Specializations in different areas. Ricardo Rojas 493, C1001AEA Buenos Aires City
Lidia Giudici
Sworn translator. Legal, psychology, literature, education, medicine translations.
YFP Translations
English-Spanish translations of all types of documents for companies and private individuals. Legalization of sworn translations. Audio transcriptions.
Sara Brown
Consultant Interpreter. Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Conferences. Business meetings. Corporate events. Translation. Editing. NAATI stamped and certified Spanish to English translations for Australia. AIIC, ITI, ATA.
Carla Avenia
Certified English/Spanish (with passive French and Italian) interpreter and translator. Native English speaker. European MA in Conference Interpreting.
Diego Balboa
Experienced Spanish and English interpreter.
RPV Translations
Certified English<>Spanish Translator. Legal, accounting, finance and economy. Interpreting and consultancy services.
IW Spanish Courses
Spanish courses by university-graduate teachers. Standard 20-hour, Light 10-hour, One-on-one, Survival Crash Courses for Travelers, Learn spanish Online. Paraguay 3479, 3 A, Palermo district, Buenos Aires City
Estudio NSG
Sworn translator provides translation of legal, financial, social sciences and environment documents. Consecutive and simultaneous Interpreting, Rental of Interpreting equipment, Subtitling. Av. Avellaneda 872, Buenos Aires City
BC Traductoras
Sworn and common Spanish / English translations. Specialized in legal, medical, scientific, technical and Marketing areas. Translation of web pages, commercial documents, brochures, personal papers and proofreading. Buenos Aires City
Valeria Cardozo
Sworn translator and conference interpreter specialized in legal, economic, financial, agricultural, IT, HR, real estate and touristic documents. Kloosterman 1942, Lanus Este, Buenos Aires (South).
English,Spanish translation and interpretation services. Sworn translation in finance, law and medicine. Consecutive, simultaneous and whispering interpretation. English language training. Spanish for foreigners courses.