Garden Services & Landscape Design

Tree Surgeons & Gardeners

Tala Norte
High altitude pruning, rejuvenation pruning, selective thinning, balancing, extractions, species formation pruning, release of power cables, diseased species treatment, tree and bush planting. Ayacucho 3346, Olivos. (North)
Tierra Nueva
Tree health (height spraying, wood worm contol, recovery of old trees), height prunings (insured staff, removal of dangerous branches, formation and sanitary prunings), drainage, control of insects and weeds.
Nao tree surgeons
Over 20 years experience in urban silviculture. Trees pruned, felled. Hedges and climbing plants. Uprootings. Parks.
J. C. Tree Shapers
Professional height tree pruning since 1990. Maintenance of old trees, height extractions, transplants, planting.
Adriana Raimon
Tree pruning with single rope technique. Insurance and legal aspects covered. Cazadores 2476, C1428AVN Buenos Aires City