Weight Loss, Slimming & Nutrition

Esthetics center. Spa, facial and body treatment, ultra-cavitation. J. E. Uriburu 1275, 2nd floor, Buenos Aires City and branches
Online consultancy in health, nutrition and wellness. Nutritional coaching, follow-up, nutrition plan, basic monthly plan
Centro Medico List
LIST weight loss method carried out under medical control. Protein based diet, low on carbon hydrates and fats. Personalized plans. Av. Santa Fe 3312, 6th floor, Buenos Aires City.
Natural methods for body modeling. International patent. 21 branches in Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires.
Therapeutic Center Dr. Maximo Ravenna
Treatment of obesity and other eating disorders, based on modifying harmful habits and the awareness of limits, excesses and meals. Zapata 121, Buenos Aires City
Dr. Ariel Sardi
Specialist in obesity, anxiety, cellulitis, flaccidity, stretch marks, localized adiosity. Mesotherapy, medication, diet, laser. Products and dietary supplements. Rosario 470, 3rd floor B, Buenos Aires City
Dr. Walter Murua
Obesity specialist. Physical exercise. Body esthetics (cellulitis, localized adiposity, lymphatic drainage, flaccidity). Monday to Friday 12:00-20:00. Laprida 1963, 2nd floor A, C1425EKS Buenos Aires City
Dra. Sangenis
Sport and health. Health evaluation and fitness plan. Nutrition and performance. Athletes support.
Vanesa Gottau
Certified nutritionist University of Buenos Aires. Tailor-made diets, habits, lifestyle. Healthy recipes. Yrigoyen 1740, 1640 Martinez. (North)
Products for losing weight or gaining lean muscle mass. Basic nutrition, directed nutrition, sports and active life, personal care. Business opportunities. Pablo and Monica.