Laura Elizabeth Turner

MD Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist. English, French, German. Anxiety, depression. Focused psychotherapy, cognitive techniques, psychopharmacology. Consultant specialist to the USA Embassy and Consulate of France. Palermo, Buenos Aires City


Expatriation is a traumatic experience, associated to multiple changes and extreme stress.Permanent as well as temporary migrations have in common the inevitable anxiety due to fear of failure and loss of everything familiar and secure. Each individual shall react to this crisis according  to previous experiences, personality traits and background. Certain  feelings are common (e.g.: helplessness, disorganization, insecurity, fear), and various symptoms may unfold (anxiety, phobias, “panic attacks”, depression, psychosomatic disorders). Focused psychotherapy is a helpful and efficient tool in gradually coping with these challenging events.Working through the crisis enables a process of “rebirth”, associated to development of each individual’s creative potential.
The aforementioned remarks and conclusions are the result of more than twenty years of experience in psychotherapy and psychopharmacological treatments.

Dr. Laura Elizabeth Turner M.D,

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Former staff psychiatrist at the adult outpatient service of the Hospital de Emergencias Psiquiátricas “Torcuato de Alvear”

Former Tutor at Escuela Argentina de Psicoterapia para Graduados

Author of various papers on migration and expatriation presented at national and international congresses and symposiums

Specialist Consultant to USA Embassy and Consulate of France

Member of “BabelPsi” ( multi-professional community focused in research and study of migration and multicultural issues)

ENGLISH and FRENCH fluently spoken


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