Licensed Rachel I. Bigio

Bilingual English-Spanish (knowledge of French) licensed clinical psychologist & psychoanalyst. Adults, teenagers. families & groups. Different techniques/methods according to the patient’s needs.

Using an integrative approach, incorporating psychodynamic, object relations, psychodrama, exchange of roles, etc., theories.  Let´s say:

For expats leaving their countries & culture, I find it’s most important to provide a holding and support to protect them from feelings of rootlessness, panic attacks, claustrophobia and agoraphobias; and offer them tools to face life transitions and future challenges.

In case of focused and specific concerns and/or symptomatic situations, I work with short-term therapy in order to eradicate the symptoms and empower the person to become capable of acting competently on specific  issues.

With people who would aim to follow a route of self-awareness and deeper insight, or those who seek help to overcome and avoid repeating patterns. We work with psychoanalysis in which  I insist on the free-association from the patient and a good ear and suspended attention, as well as the quality of the interpretation,  from myself.

Having collaborated in a well-known therapeutic community   –Dr. García Badaracco-s-   in Buenos Aires, with groups and families,  I can offer them the possibility of a safe dialogue and new ways of relating, building positive boundaries and planning a future with beacons of hope.

Needless to say, that I follow strict confidentiality and professional ethical guidelines at all times.  Seeking emphatic relationship, I support all religions and non ones, ethnic, cultural, sexual & individual diversity.

My position towards the psychological theory and practice could be considered in a positive way, as “eclectic”; Meaning by positive, not a “mélange”, but using the best tools , therapists, psychoanalysts and psychological schools  have provided,  which turn out to be useful, depending on the conflict and/or situation to face.  As, from my point of view, underestimate a new helpful contribution would situate me in a position of omnipotence or close mind.

I keep on learning to develop professionally and consult with other colleagues in order to discuss how to best help my patients.