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Kermandie 0 General
Explore never lasting beauty with delightful cuisines and dishes
started by: Jenna-Coleman-893976 · last update: 1487847582 · posted: 1487847582
Apartment for sublet with Dance/Yoga stu... 0 General
started by: bhava · last update: 1480505038 · posted: 1480505038
To choose a batter option 0 General
started by: Xanne-Matthew-871988 · last update: 1478776017 · posted: 1478776017
Window condensation 0 Home & Garden
started by: Xanne-Matthew-871988 · last update: 1478230264 · posted: 1478230264
Classic car website / weekly newspaper 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I'm a UK classic car enthusiast and keen to buy an old car to take on a road trip. Something like an old Chev or...
started by: Julian-875636 · last update: 1476386567 · posted: 1476386567
Wanted: Short term studio/ 1 bed rental... 0 Home & Garden
HiBit of a 'shot in the dark' but would anyone have / know of a studio/1 bed to rent in a nice...
started by: Julian-875636 · last update: 1476385722 · posted: 1476385722
buying a vehicle in argentina 2 General
Can a foreigner buy a vehicle in argentina... if so , is my passport valid for that?
started by: hatamaka · last update: 1476384978 · posted: 1407239521
Renovating a Farm house 0 Home & Garden
started by: Xanne-Matthew-871988 · last update: 1476266601 · posted: 1476266601
Car Insurance 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Can anyone tell me what "Aho TR DT80% con fq 10% s/stro Min" on an insurance policy quote means?
started by: Keith-Brooks-866474 · last update: 1471617637 · posted: 1471617637
Family history research - Percival Gilks 0 Families & Kids
Hi, Several years ago I posted a request for help in trying to track down an ancestor who travelled as ships car...
started by: Plants&Bulbs · last update: 1467986864 · posted: 1467986864
Verifying cash (dollars, pesos) 2 Financial & Legal
I am selling a property and will be paid in cash... but I have been told that there is counterfeit money going a...
started by: 56tengoye · last update: 1460057836 · posted: 1452335981
Deep tissue / Therapeutic / Foot Reflexo... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Chris-Francis-852797 · last update: 1458134769 · posted: 1458134769
Money exchange 2 General
Is there any difference in exchanging money in a bank or "on the street"?
started by: sean_jones · last update: 1452335436 · posted: 1452165715
Changes to State Pension age for women 1 General
I'd love to know how this was thought of - the format for the dates for retirement!!! Date of birth lottery!...
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1452165633 · posted: 1450009882
Awesome day trip to escape the city 2 Sport & Leisure
Hi Expats!  I recently did a really cool "day trip" to Pilar to learn Polo and had SO much fun - it'...
started by: rlevak · last update: 1452165586 · posted: 1450159211
Hiring Bicycles 1 Sport & Leisure
Hi, Im travelling from Australia with my girlfriend in March 2016 to compete in the Buenos Aires Half Ironman Tr...
started by: Marty-10061324 · last update: 1452165457 · posted: 1449698227
Hiring a car by foreigner 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know if a foreigner can rent a car in Argentina? Do you need any specific documentation?
started by: tomdarmack · last update: 1449220993 · posted: 1448360060
Spanish lessons 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I will be staying some months in Buenos Aires city, maybe near retiro station or nearby, and would like to know ...
started by: thereader41 · last update: 1448147891 · posted: 1438876909
Immigration lawyer 0 General
Can anyone suggest a lawyer that specialices in immigration matters? Thank you
started by: tomiton · last update: 1447344716 · posted: 1447344716
new company 4 General
hello who would be able to help be in the project to create a new company in Buenos Aires, with a licence...
started by: anamariaviaje2 · last update: 1439155292 · posted: 1394610573
Expat Explorer Survey - Last date to rep... 3 General
Are you an expat? Do you know of any expats in Buenos Aires?    We suggest visiting ...
started by: Admin-643451 · last update: 1439134398 · posted: 1399246004
Exchanging pesos to pounds 3 Financial & Legal
Hi, I need to exchange pesos into british pounds and cant find a good way of doing it. I dont want to exchange i...
started by: donna123-971041 · last update: 1438802463 · posted: 1407332155
Garden Club 1 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of a garden club or similar where an English lady can interact? Preferably in Zona Norte.
started by: tomdarmack · last update: 1434237906 · posted: 1433879575
Emigrating the UK? 3 Entertainment
Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential...
started by: EllieGibbs · last update: 1432709986 · posted: 1431082676
Expats in Nordelta 1 General
I would like to meet or at least contact by mail any English speaking expats that are living at present in Norde...
started by: jeremiah77 · last update: 1430309109 · posted: 1429119841
tedious political telemarketing 2 General
is it me alone that receives constant phone calls (all taped) from different politicians and candidates running ...
started by: michel78-643478 · last update: 1426070229 · posted: 1419012668
Enjoy chick lit'? 6 General
Do you enjoy reading romance novels and chick' lit, and fancy reading a fictional story set in Buenos Aires? &nb...
started by: LClements · last update: 1417860342 · posted: 1411144628
Plastic Rubbish 2 General
Are you as concerned as I am about the plastic rubbish, including the ubiquitous plastic water bottles, that we ...
started by: Airyfairy · last update: 1415621517 · posted: 1415385633
Cuevas? 1 Financial & Legal
I have been hearing about cuevas when speaking of money exchange... what is it?
started by: 67henryolder · last update: 1414417827 · posted: 1414361462
Researching French family that was in Bu... 1 General
I hope someone can help me.  I have a maternal grandmother who was born in Buenos Aires.  The family i...
started by: 120Camden · last update: 1414233693 · posted: 1413743641
Amazon Purchases and Customs 3 General
I was going to order something from Amazon in the USA to be sent here but someone just told me that I'll have to...
started by: hot_stuff79 · last update: 1413376443 · posted: 1390381336
Handyman in Capital Federal 1 General
i am looking for a good and reliable handyman, that can speak or at least interact adequately in english... ther...
started by: michel78-643478 · last update: 1413301451 · posted: 1396521594
Irish groups? 3 General
does anyone know of Irish gatherings or groups in Bs As?
started by: offshoregift · last update: 1410810801 · posted: 1407583818
Giving a bike 0 General
i have a bicycle for men, 26, with rusty rims but the rest is in quite a good state. 3 gears. If anybody is inte...
started by: 67henryolder · last update: 1406887341 · posted: 1406887341
car mechanic or garage near palermo / bu... 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi there, does anybody know a good car mecanic or garage near palermo. I want to buy a car and get...
started by: beachbird · last update: 1406564344 · posted: 1406378623
Chivitos are not chivitos 0 Food & Drink
we had an interesting experience the other day... we had heard that at a restaurant in the corner of libertador ...
started by: ana23scots · last update: 1405939625 · posted: 1405939625
Germany - Argentina 1 General
What are your gut feelings? Which team would you like it to win?
started by: 76smith87 · last update: 1405466691 · posted: 1405159682
Notary 2 Financial & Legal
what is a notary in Argentina? does anyone no of one that can speak english? my boss is needing one.
started by: ana23scots · last update: 1404775184 · posted: 1403784613
Managed HR Services in Argentina? 1 Financial & Legal
Hello,  I am looking for a company that provides managed services in Argentina. What managed service...
started by: mp057812 · last update: 1404300961 · posted: 1404140350
England - Italy 0 General
Hey... I would like to see this match with others... are there any english fans getting together for this match ...
started by: drinkandgo · last update: 1402675429 · posted: 1402675429
Co-Working office space from fellow expa... 0 General
Hola fellow expats,I am an American (from Alaska, so not sure if I really count) currently working f...
started by: RachelM-963661 · last update: 1402589055 · posted: 1402589055
Homeopathy in BA 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty
According to an article at 
started by: randylewiskemp · last update: 1401720109 · posted: 1401393486
any recos for bilingual counsellor 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
my partner and me are needing some counselling  and I wondered if someone knows of a counsellor - ideally i...
started by: michel78-643478 · last update: 1401372313 · posted: 1401359669
Earth Day April 22, 2014 3 General
Does anyone have any information about Earth EVents in Buenos Aires? thank you.
started by: bhava · last update: 1399298981 · posted: 1396799907
English speaking "gestor" 1 Financial & Legal
i find that local bureaucracy requires whether you like it or not, of the assistance of a "gestor". Does anyone ...
started by: 76smith87 · last update: 1394564087 · posted: 1392895730
Graduate Opportunities 0 General
Currently a final year student at Trinity College, Dublin. If anyone has any advice on building a career in BA, ...
started by: brownjt · last update: 1393699504 · posted: 1393699504
to by a travel agency 2 Financial & Legal
hello   who can help me to find a travel agency to sell in Buenos Aires? Serious annou...
started by: anamariaviaje2 · last update: 1393493687 · posted: 1393332374
UK Foreign Affairs Committee is conducti... 0 General
Do you have experience of seeking help from a British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission when travelling over...
started by: Admin-643451 · last update: 1391443748 · posted: 1391443748
Receiving & Tracking Registered mail ite... 1 General
Hi I'm expecting 2 registered mail items sent to me from Australia more than a week ago and would like to...
started by: Treadie53 · last update: 1390503792 · posted: 1390392545
SACS - Send a Child to School - needing ... 0 Families & Kids
SACS will be packing the school materials for distribution to underprivileged kids in Buen...
started by: Admin-643451 · last update: 1390228161 · posted: 1390228161