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Hi, I want to see reviews on cars, especially Audi, where can I look at them?

started by: Scruffu-Dreniokl-977891 · last update: 1611134832 · posted: 1607957015

I wanted to check with knowledgeable people! If it's time to change the battery on my car, what is the best manufacturer or what kind of battery to get? From Japan or are there other options? Share your experiences!

started by: Alexander-Srebrianski-907610 · last update: 1503171133 · posted: 1503171133

Can somebody help me to find out car insurance premiums and registration cost in Argentina? 

started by: Julian-875636 · last update: 1476386567 · posted: 1476386567

I'm a UK classic car enthusiast and keen to buy an old car to take on a road trip. Something like an old Chev or?Would anyone know of a Buenos Aires weekly classified newspaper / or, garage/car dealer where I can find an old car + a good mechanic?What is the process + cost + time involved in registering a vehicle?And an insurance company?Many thanksemail: julian67@mail.com

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Can anyone tell me what "Aho TR DT80% con fq 10% s/stro Min" on an insurance policy quote means?                                

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Does anyone know if a foreigner can rent a car in Argentina? Do you need any specific documentation?

started by: beachbird · last update: 1406564344 · posted: 1406378623

Hi there, does anybody know a good car mecanic or garage near palermo. I want to buy a car and get it checked befor I arrive in BA. Does anybody have experience with buying cars as a foreigner. The plan is to renovate the car and sell it after 6 weeks .... All help is welcome! :)  

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There is a great safety consciousness among people. Bicycles without lights or reflectors, driving while talking on the phone, reckless driving... What can be done about this? It's not a question of fines but education. 

started by: lazylazy · last update: 1365778080 · posted: 1365778080

Is it only my impression or are bike riders growing in numbers? This should be good, for traffic and health. Is it safe for riders?

started by: 1810-Argentina · last update: 1357901897 · posted: 1357901897

I had to drive downtown and back yesterday from the suburbs and was surprised by the traffic, both ways, in January! This wasn't the case years ago, when traffic dwindled considerably in summer. On the other hand, when we hear there are some 800,000 new cars every year, something has to be done to improve public transport, parking spaces, working closer to home, decentralised offices, entertainment, activities. Is anybody doing this?

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Anyone knows of a driving school that can teach in English? 

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Is it me only or is parking space getting smaller every day? And the parking fees!!

started by: tangoriver · last update: 1344020252 · posted: 1343920205

There seems to be less pickets these days, or is it my imagination? Maybe the cold, or everything is fine.

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What would be the worst thing about driving in BA?

started by: sean_jones · last update: 1338923804 · posted: 1338923804

Anybody uses the bicisendas and the bikes provided regularly? Any anecdotes, warnings?

started by: martagonz · last update: 1338297468 · posted: 1338297468

I think safety for bikes needs to be improved urgently. I see few bikes with good lights, fluorescent vests, mirrors, helmets, etc. I wonder how many accidents are happening, both to cyclers and others due to this lack of safety, most of which don't make the news.

started by: joseinba · last update: 1337767732 · posted: 1337355954

Having driven often through different neighbourhoods and suburbs of Buenos Aires due to my job, I have the impression that you need to know how to drive in different zones and this is the secret not only for avoiding crashes but also theft and robbery. For example, I need to drive slowly in downtown and respect every single sign, but if I drive through XXX (to be replaced at will) you would be suicidal to stop at a red light at certain hours of the day and it is highly preferable to speed through. In between, all sorts of different driving techniques. Anyone has had the same experience?

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I just came back from an electric bike guided tour - in English! - organised by the city government tourist office. All information in English at: http://www.bue.gov.ar/?mo=portal&ac=componentes&ncMenu=876Loved it and made a couple of friends too. Highly recommended if you like biking and open doors.

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Anybody tried using the bicisendas? Are they safe? Can you really get around? Maybe a group of us could get together and share the experience. It could be a peak hour experience and a week-end one, maybe to compare... and take somo pictures.

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Can I drive with an American driving license in the city? On highways? I haven't had problems in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, but want to make sure here...

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