Driving by zones?

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Having driven often through different neighbourhoods and suburbs of Buenos Aires due to my job, I have the impression that you need to know how to drive in different zones and this is the secret not only for avoiding crashes but also theft and robbery. For example, I need to drive slowly in downtown and respect every single sign, but if I drive through XXX (to be replaced at will) you would be suicidal to stop at a red light at certain hours of the day and it is highly preferable to speed through. In between, all sorts of different driving techniques. Anyone has had the same experience?


alecfield 1337687208

I agree, there is not a single way of driving and this makes me uneasy when I drive in places I don't know, compared to others I am familiar with. The same happens between driving in the city and on highways, quite different, and dangerous if we are not aware of these differences. Maybe in other countries it's more even, or rules are respected always, but here you must be "flexible."

jekyllpointer 1337767732

Granted this is how we do, but is it right? Shouldn't rules and driving be the same, at least in a big city and its suburbs? Something seems to be wrong when going from one place to another means doing things differently, as if we were entering another country or culture.

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