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it would be ideal to find a handyman, repair guy, painter who speaks or at leat manages English and above all things... be responsible and honest. Too much to ask for? I am listening...


Andres-909964 1382464556

Dear Sir,

you have found your handyman.  My name is Andrew Mac Iver, please let me kow what you need so we can see if I am the person that can help you. 

Thanks and kind regards

mobile  15 4034 0722

geoff-porter 1382557488

hi Andres... thanks for your quick answer! I didn't imagine I would have a reply so fast. As soon as I am ready to contact you, I'll call you! by any chance do you have a website or facebook with references? It's not a must ... just wondering

Andres-909964 1382562227

Geoff, I am on facebook just socially, you can find me at:


natdrodriguez 1383123386

Hi Andres, 

I am also interested in finding a handyman that can hang ceiling fans and change out light fixtures.  Would like tv's and pictures hung on walls as well.  Are these things you can do?

Thank you.

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