Is it posiible

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Is it difficult to create animations? I am thinking if I can do it myself, or is it not possible?


Gabby-Dansty-1001305 1634564017

It seems to me that a person can learn whatever he wants. But think about it, is it worth the time? I would not recommend it. Now there are many different specialists who can do this for a relatively small fee. It seems to me that this is better, because you will not waste time and will definitely get a good result. By the way, regarding who can create this, I would recommend this animation agency . Their video looks interesting. I think they will implement all your ideas

Ganny-Lanny-1013336 1634894652

Animation is a sequential display of frames one after another. Each frame changes slightly, so the picture appears to be moving.

To create a simple web banner or presentation, you don't have to deal with a lot of software. The built-in Photoshop tools are also suitable for this. This is just a small fraction of the possibilities.

Jeff-Thorsen-1015183 1636895918

I think this is not an easy process. But if you understand this, then you can handle the creation of animations. I had difficulty with the graphics for my presentation. I decided to turn to SlidePeak since I could not create a presentation with graphs. Thanks to the experts, I did it.

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