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As a Kubrick fan myself, I can't help congratulating the organisers of this cycle:http://agendacultural.buenosaires.gob.ar/eventopadre/integralstanleykubrick/4476Will try not to miss any of the lot, esecially The Shining!!!

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I have to learn Spanish but not sure if "porteno" Spanish is what I need or I should try some other version (e.g. Colombian) since I will only be living here for 2 years. Any suggestions?

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I have done my bit in acting in high school and now have some free time on Thursday and Friday evenings. Any drama club in English I can hook on to?

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We saw The Descendants in Unicenter. Great film! Good story, great acting, nothing trite or not credible, without the need of special effects or blows below the belt. A great promise in secondary (show-stealing) actress Shailene Woodley. Anybody else saw it? Comments?

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Where can I get good tango lessons for a couple, not too basic since I have good dancing skills. English, French teacher would be good, but not critical.

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Any recommendations on good places to spend the day or even the night by the river? Have got good impressions from Tigre, but is it worth the trip there, for me about an hour? Any other place nearer town?

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Any restrictions for going to cinemas with kids? We have two, 12 and 14 years old. Will it say somewhere ages allowed in?

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I'm quite a football fan from watching on TV and would really like to see a good game when I'm over in April. Is it dangerous? What should I avoid? What would be the best team to watch?

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