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Hello, just got here with my 3 and 5yo from Australia. I would like to send them to a nursery/school of some sort so they can learn Spanish and socialise with other kids (and keep me sane as well :)any suggestions? We're in Recoleta, Bs As.ThanksNatalia

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Hi, I want to send my son to study in Europe, what universities does he have a chance to enroll in?

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Hi, Several years ago I posted a request for help in trying to track down an ancestor who travelled as ships carpenter to Buenes Aires in the early 1900's. There was a reply offering a possible lead but I have since lost the contact.... My ancestor is Percival William Gilks. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks HG

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Hi I have recently discovered that my great uncle came to Buenes Aires on the ship Zeelandia on 15th May 1913, estimated journey time 21 days (approx 12th june 1913). His profession was listed as a carpenter and the passenger list shows his intended destination to be Buenes Aires. My Dad didnt even know he had 2 uncles, we have since found out that Walter Gilks died in the first world war aged just 19 but have been searching for Percival W Gilks to no avail. Dad has no other relatives and it would be an amazing gift to him if we could find out what happened to Percival and if he has any surviving family.   Please could anyone with experience of researching family history in Buenes Aires contact me to either give me a few pointers as to what to do next or to take on a commission of finding out more.   This would really make my Dad's christmas if we can find out the end of the story,   with hope in my heart,  Matt Gilks

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I am looking for “ illusionist  or(circus) magician” to invite for my son’s  birthday ( 10 years old) . Can anybody advice? Thank you Katherina

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anyone knows about a caretaker for elderly couples, speaking English?

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Does anybody know of a child abuse specialist providing support in English?

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Coming from abroad I am (happily) surprised to see kids, lots of them, in public spaces, restaurants... noisy and spoilt sometimes, but I love the noise even so. Has anybody had the same experience arriving here? Anybody bothered by it?

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Not a great fan of circuses, especially if animals mistreated, but is there any good circus for kids in or around Buenos Aires? Any clown, juggling shows?

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Anybody knows of a good nursery for children 3-4 years old in the West of Buenos Aires (Ramos Mejia, Castelar) that has relatively good English, for the kids and parents?

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