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Hi I have recently discovered that my great uncle came to Buenes Aires on the ship Zeelandia on 15th May 1913, estimated journey time 21 days (approx 12th june 1913). His profession was listed as a carpenter and the passenger list shows his intended destination to be Buenes Aires. My Dad didnt even know he had 2 uncles, we have since found out that Walter Gilks died in the first world war aged just 19 but have been searching for Percival W Gilks to no avail. Dad has no other relatives and it would be an amazing gift to him if we could find out what happened to Percival and if he has any surviving family.   Please could anyone with experience of researching family history in Buenes Aires contact me to either give me a few pointers as to what to do next or to take on a commission of finding out more.   This would really make my Dad's christmas if we can find out the end of the story,   with hope in my heart,  Matt Gilks


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hi there:


I found these sites, where you might find something:Ć³n


However one of these sites says that we don't have an immigrants' archive...believe it or not.

I hope this can help,  but if you need something else please feel free to ask.

best wishes, and Happy New Year

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Dear Mr. Matt Gilks,

I have contacted the British Cemetery in Buenos Aires in your behalf and they have informed me that they do no have any record by the name Percival Gilks, they do have a  Percival W. with another last name though. For this reason it would be convenient if you could tell me the W in his name what stands for.

Sincerely yours,

Carmen Stigliano


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