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How to immigrate in 2021 due to COVID?

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Hello,  I am looking for a company that provides managed services in Argentina. What managed services does it provide office space, computers and all necessaties and does all related HR activities and helps with hiring professionals for a fee. I would interview and actually manage employess day to day activities. They have something like that in India and Easter Europe, I was wondering if there are any companies that provide this kind of service in Argentina as an altenrative to outsourcing. Specificillay I am interested in talanted software developers. 

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Is it profitable to use SEO in 2021?

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Hi, I need to exchange pesos into british pounds and cant find a good way of doing it. I dont want to exchange into dollars first as I will lose money. Anyone know of a way to exchange directly? Either in Buenos Aires or in the UK.

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I have been hearing about cuevas when speaking of money exchange... what is it?

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what is a notary in Argentina? does anyone no of one that can speak english? my boss is needing one.

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i find that local bureaucracy requires whether you like it or not, of the assistance of a "gestor". Does anyone know of a good - fundamental: english speaking - gestor, please?

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hello   who can help me to find a travel agency to sell in Buenos Aires? Serious announcement

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Could someone tell me of some expert service specialised in inmigration issues, taxes in argentina? I don't want to contact lawyers businesses due to expensive rates which i can not afford at this moment.

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Is there a directory or list of some kind to look up the rate of IVA/VAT on different items? For example are all foods subject to the full rate?

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Is anybody thinking of using CEDINs for buying or selling properties? Is it safe? What alternatives are there?

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Where is the best place to change from dollars? today it is selling at 8,000 on dolar blue iphone app... but my nearest place is 7,8

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Is there any safe/easy way to send money from UK to Argentina?

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What is the real dollar value for calculation purposes, to compare prices: 4,40, 6, 6,50? Will they join eventually?

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Tax pressure, starting off by VAT (21%) and a sense of greater need of cash by the government seems excessive locally. What about other countries?

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What would be the real inflation rate people and businesses are using (and the government too, I understand): 20, 25, 30%?

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I got a money transfer from USA through Xoom using More offices here. Very quick, excellent rate. Will use again if necessary.

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With school holidays coming up, are there any shows for kids in English, or that don't need Spanish to enjoy? I'm talking 3-8 years olds approx.

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Never heard this word so often and with such an ominous ring. Will it happen, do we have to trust the government, is the press exagerating, is somebody playing games with us while the big ones get their money out of the country. 2001 can be repeated? Too many variables and uncertainties for me...

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For us who have lived some time in Argentina this dollar question seems so deja vu. Why insist with the same half-truths, outright lies, desperate measures, "new" solutions and similar repeats, acting on the symptoms instead of getting to grips with the real problems?

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