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Is the dollar exchange an indication of serious problems or just one area that is going through turmoil? Having been through the 2001 crisis, I'd hate to be underestimating the seriousness, as well as going the other way. Anyway, there doesn't seem much we can do, isn't there?

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I read purchasing dollars on the legal market is getting nearly impossible. What should I do if I really need them to travel?

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Thinking seriously of starting up a small food business and need good legal and financial advice from en English-speaking firm. I need to cover all the paperwork, employment options, insurance... the whole lot. Not too expensive, but reliable, with experience.

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Needing a good divorce lawyer, familiar with Australian law. Good English mandatory.

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Is it possible to recover my VAT on purchases I made when I leave the country. If so, what should I do?

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Are there any restrictions for buying dollars for a foreigner? Any limits to take them out of the country?

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Any good lawyer someone can recommend in Buenos Aires? PLEASE good English and knowledge of American law. It's a tricky matter involving taking money legally from Argentina to USA. How about fees? Are they normally based on percentages or hourly?

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