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What kind of coffee do you love and why?

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we had an interesting experience the other day... we had heard that at a restaurant in the corner of libertador and diaz velez in la lucila, they served chivitos. I remembered having had a magnificent chivito asado in the province of Cordoba, so without hesitating I ordered chivito for me, whilst the rest ordered different things from the menu. Suprise!... the chivitos they served at this restaurant are the "chivitos uruguayos", which are meat sandwiches! What a frustration... but on the other hand, it was delicious. Never give anything for granted!

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for a couple from South africa, but have been out of their country for several years,  coming for a visit to ba, i would like to show them or even invite them to experience some food service or restaurant with their country's specialties. Anybody know of anything in buenos aires?

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Anybody has a recipe for making Sushi at home, not too complicated or expensive?

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Can anyone share a good, traditional mince pies recipe for Christmas? Thanks

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Does anyone know where I can find Marmite in Buenos Aires? 

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Any good Peruvian food restaurant somebody can recommend, not too expensive, but with authentic stuff?

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Is there any reliable, quality restaurant guide in English, not for the expensive places but for regular customers?

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Anybody can recommend a good Peruvian restaurant, not too expensive but with authentic food and service?

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Anybody knows where I can get Dr. Lemon in BA?

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Anyone knows where I can find a good asado tutorial, preferably in English, to share with some friends that have just arrived in BA?

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Glad to hear that The Argentina Independent will be starting a printed version. Good, challenging and well-written articles, from a local point of view. Keep it up!

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I'm looking for Sushi fans to simply exchange recipes, ideas, restaurant information - and fake sushis. Maybe we could create a group or meet...

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I'm looking for a Mongolian BBQ style restaurant, something like in New York and other cities. Anybody knows of one in BA?

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I need a good, cheap, genuine vegetarian restaurant Palermo area. Any suggestions?

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I'm told MATE preparation is quite a sciene, is it? Sweet or bitter, strong or mild? I find it strange to share the "bombilla" with strangers... Is it rude to reject it on health motives? What should I do if unconfortable with this. HELP!!

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Where can I get Dr. Pepper in Buenos Aires? I'm a real fan and have heard it has arrived here. Anyone knows where?

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What would be the favourite in Buenos Aires? I'm told wine is losing ground to beer, mostly due to advertising. I'm all for a good wine in meals, preferable Red.

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I was told standard tipping is 10 pct for restaurants. Does that hold for a cup of coffee or a drink in a bar? I wouldn't like to stand out from the crowd in any way - tipping to little or too much.

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I'm looking for good Italian restaurants, preferably with some live show, for a group of businessmen visiting from USA. Anywhere not too far from downtown is good. Not too expensive, but normal cost internationally.

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