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I was going to order something from Amazon in the USA to be sent here but someone just told me that I'll have to go to the customs office to get my package after it arrives. Is this true? I'm not sure it's worth the bother now. THanks.


michel78-643478 1390503951

I suggest to wait to see what happens in the next few days... there is too much turbulance in this moment in the economic field

Blouis 1413302998

I do not know whether you finally orderred from Amazon, but in case you have not, let me tell you that this kind of Argentine beaurocratic procedure may never change.  Many a time I had to go to customs in the area of Retiro, Buenos Aires, in order to get the books, dictionaries, vinyl LPs, some sample clothing and other small packages of stuff I was to receive from abroad --either from US, Canada or Germany.  As I said, these were all small packages contining ONE book in one occasion, ONE Pinck Floyd vinyl record from the Falkland War time in another, a Webster diccionary and some booklets some other time, etc. And every single time I had to go to this customs building to get them.  Believe me, it wan not cheap, you have a long queueline to go through every time just to fill up a form, then go to the bank to pay the respective taxes and come back to finally get into a new line to obtain your package.  A true shame.  Evidently I chose to have any traveller or upcoming acquaintance to bring it up personally instead.  This happened to me from the 80s on till 2004 when I stopped ordering from abroad unless someone was coming to Argentina and was able to bring it along.  Hope my comments helps you decide whether to further purchases from abroad.  Just considering the purchase price (shown in the original invoice which you´ll be requested at customs) plus 50% of that amount in the concept of import taxes always converted to US dollars and then into Arg pesos becomes quite an expensive matter.  Keep it in mind! 

tomiton 1413376443

Blouis seems somewhat negative... things will change in the next months.

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