Co-Working office space from fellow expats

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Hola fellow expats,I am an American (from Alaska, so not sure if I really count) currently working from Buenos Aires. We have a sweet little setup for anyone who is trying to work from Buenos Aires without a proper office (anyone who is working from home, freelancer, traveling regularly to BA, etc). This concept is called The Office, and our first location is in the Hollywood area of Barrio Palermo. It's a really good alternative for anyone who was working like I was, from a cafe, with a shotty internet.  The Office offers an upscale, professional, collaborative work space for individuals, freelancers and small to medium sized business owners. We provide SOILD CONNECTION, as well as the latest technology and infrastructure. It allows for a vibrant business culture, and endless networking possibities. It's something you may want to check out, our website is: Or you can email me directly at, or at if you would like anymore info!Thanks everyone and I would love to help out any of my fellow expats who are looking for a nice space to get some work done (on a non-business note, I can also help out anyone who is trying to get themselves familarized with life in BA)Cheers,     Rachel  


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