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Do you enjoy reading romance novels and chick' lit, and fancy reading a fictional story set in Buenos Aires?  Buenos Dias Lucy London by Iza MacLeod. For a free sample, the first three chapters can be read on Amazon.  If the blurb and genre are of interest to you I can send you the book in return for writing a genuine review of what you think of the review.  It doesn't have to be a professional or extwensive review.  (Numbers of free ebooks to be sent are limited).   British girl Lucy has the time of her life in Buenos Aires. She meets people from all over the world, makes some brilliant friends and parties the night away while trying to learn Spanish by day. It’s not just excitement though. While revelling in the foreign adventure, Lucy soon becomes mesmerized by the place and a certain porteño. Polo, tango, wonderful food and hospitality ... Lucy samples all things Argentine, before briefly stopping at other international destinations on her way home.  Though Lucy feels very much at home back in England, she can’t completely let go of her time in Argentina and she needs to decide where – and with whom – her heart really belongs.  A tale of passion, romance and the freedom of being somewhere that’s completely different from home. 


ana23scots 1411733311

Thank you for the suggestion!!

Blouis 1413300756

I know that quite some time has passed since you offered the book, yet I am interested in reading the Lucy´s experiences in BsAs and sending you a written review.  Any chances still?

LClements 1417451383


I'm sorry for the delay in replying.  Yes, I can send you the book.  Email me if you're still interested.


joseinba 1417606764

Just in case... make sure you can receive a book in Argentina without having to go thru a hazard of procedures!

LClements 1417785644

Thank you, but it can be downloaded - which means not having to receive a book via post - and is cheaper too, and better for the environment.  You don't even require a Kindle - you can download a free Kindle app from Amazon, to your PC, laptop or Iphone.  

joseinba 1417860342

That's good news! Thank you.

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