Football violence

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Another death yesterday, after a match that was won! It's incredible nothing can be done to stop this bloodbath. Maybe we are growing accustomed to this and it doesn't seem so bad.


a29penn 1339434116

There doesn't seem to be a real will to end this. How did other countries tackle this? There are many who prefer things to remain this way.

punkrocks 1339511243

We seem to be getting used to this. Five football deaths in the year, one for every month... and nothing has changed...

4evergood 1339579395

Now it seems to have been a neighbourhood feud taken to the stadium... But people that went there mentioned many situations of violence apart from this one. There shouldn't be a single one, ever!

245_alice 1339771840

Apparently they got the guy. Good for the police! Will this help stop further violence? I doubt it

ana23scots 1340219313

Keeping my fingers crossed for next weekend, Saturday and Sunday with tense definitions in both First and Second divisions... Anything could happen.

themorningstar 1340282781

I was thinking the same. There doesn't seem to be anything special for this unusual situation. Maybe it is being done and we don't know.

2020zygmund 1340718742

We have to be happy there was no violence last week, Saturday and Sunday, with so many critical matches played.

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