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hello who would be able to help be in the project to create a new company in Buenos Aires, with a licence in Tourism? thanks


themorningstar 1394831407

What are you looking for? Could you pleae details some of your expectactions, needs... in fact the profile of the position? 

cisabelcor 1439134714

I am working in a new company and i am living in Romania. It is an American Travel&Businesses Company and we can work from home or anywhere all over the world. Now, our company is looking for 30 business developers who would help us to develop the travel and business project.

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hi cisabelcor, 

could you be more precise as to what you need? what are the business developers supposed to do? Thank you.

cisabelcor 1439155292

I wrote my email address because it is too much to write and explain about this. it's about travel and business. And I don't suppose, I am very firm. I am 58 years old, psychoanalyst and professor.

So, who want to know much more about this easy but important part-time job from home, can write to me an email. But only people who love to travel, who love to make businesses and who love an independent life. Because the company is very rich and powerful, it has 7 trillions dollars, offers the possibility to people to work for it in an easy way : traveling and winning money. 

it is an explanation of 2 pages, a half an hour. So, who can understand I don't write details here but only in my email, very well. I must write very much to make myself understood by people, because everything is complexe and American people who created this system have lighted minds. In short, I created a team, a network and i need many persons all over the world to work with me. In email I'll write about the project, about traveling, about businesses and about what and how would they to work, how can they enroll in company as membership and so on. Now it's 3 o' clock in the morning. I hope you don't mind if I retire to sleep. If you really want to know about this company and the rest, write to me.maybe you'll be the lider in Argentina, if you are there. 

Argentina is not yet compete among the countries conquered by this huge company with many awards to its assets. i am looking for a lider who will be a promoter for this company and its business and the lider will coordinate the 30 business developers. i told you it's too much to story. UK made like that with Cyprus, Cyprus with Greece, Greece with Romania, Romania with Spain and i want to believe that argentina and other countries will be the promoters in short time, because in December will be another explositon of opportunities with a new creation called Travel-facebook ( it will be like facebook but much more, because everybody travel, covering all countries and for each click, the company will pay. this is the third project. i must talk about the first and the second which are developed now in 29 countries.

OK. it's enough for now. See you in the afternoon in email.

Best regards, Adriana Suciu


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