Researching French family that was in Buenos Aires in 1895 census????

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I hope someone can help me.  I have a maternal grandmother who was born in Buenos Aires.  The family is listed in the 1895 Census as LAINO...but they are French and the correct spelling was LAGNEAU.  Armand LAINO (Lagneau), Rosalie (wife), Armand (son) and Mathilde (my grandmother).. Can anyone help me with information on how to trace this family?  I believe Rosalie may have died over there.  The family lived in Buenos Aires for may 10 plus years.  My mother wrote Balcarce on a paper I found.   Side note:  Armand remarried an Italian women named Jeanne Tosi.  I think in Buenos Aires.  But I have not proof.   Is there someway to look for marriage or death records? Thanks.  


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hI... this might not help much, or yes. Balcarce is a city some 400 Kms south of Buenos Aires City. It is located in the province of Buenos Aires.

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