The Iron Lady

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Anybody seen The Iron Lady? I wanted to see it but have been turned off by critics and some friends who saw it. Is it worthwhile even from a historic perspective? Don't want to waste my time...


samantha486 1329675679

I did and regret wasting money and time in such a biased film. How can you use a person's illness as a narrative device? Gruesome. Not a Thatcher fan myself, but can sympathize with those who were against this cheap blow under the belt.

XTOO6 1329931302

I see your point, but I think the director wanted to make a point in contrasting power and prestige with old-age decay. There at least is a good lesson for all our politicians who think they will always have the power they have today... The film itself has more of a documentary value, with good takes from actual events. If you have other options, use them...

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