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i have a bicycle for men, 26, with rusty rims but the rest is in quite a good state. 3 gears. If anybody is interested, I will be glad to give it for only $100 (pesos).

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What are your gut feelings? Which team would you like it to win?

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Hey... I would like to see this match with others... are there any english fans getting together for this match on saturday... I can butt in with some beer!

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Hola fellow expats,I am an American (from Alaska, so not sure if I really count) currently working from Buenos Aires. We have a sweet little setup for anyone who is trying to work from Buenos Aires without a proper office (anyone who is working from home, freelancer, traveling regularly to BA, etc). This concept is called The Office, and our first location is in the Hollywood area of Barrio Palermo. It's a really good alternative for anyone who was working like I was, from a cafe, with a shotty internet.  The Office offers an upscale, professional, collaborative work space for individuals, freelancers and small to medium sized business owners. We provide SOILD CONNECTION, as well as the latest technology and infrastructure. It allows for a vibrant business culture, and endless networking possibities. It's something you may want to check out, our website is: http://www.theofficeba.com/eng/. Or you can email me directly at rachel@grupoemr.com, or at info@theofficeba.com if you would like anymore info!Thanks everyone and I would love to help out any of my fellow expats who are looking for a nice space to get some work done (on a non-business note, I can also help out anyone who is trying to get themselves familarized with life in BA)Cheers,     Rachel  

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Does anyone have any information about Earth EVents in Buenos Aires? thank you.

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Currently a final year student at Trinity College, Dublin. If anyone has any advice on building a career in BA, advice would be most welcome. Are there any particular international companies recruiting in BA? Or agencies to contact. I don't have Spanish yet, just French, but do intend to learn it.

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Do you have experience of seeking help from a British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission when travelling overseas? Did you get the support you were looking for? The Foreign Affairs Select Committee of the House of Commons would like to hear from you in a two-week web forum on the UK Parliament website. FCO consular services web forum There is time to participate till February 11th, 2014.

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Hi I'm expecting 2 registered mail items sent to me from Australia more than a week ago and would like to know how I can track their "progress". I've followed links on this site with regard to the track & trace system of Correo Argentina, but the link only leads to an error page saying I'm unauthorized to access the info. I've tried finding out first hand at the local post office where they're most likely to be delivered, but wasn't very successful as my Spanish is less than adequate.  Can anyone assist? What's a realistic timeframe to expect? Any information gratefully received. I'm quite time poor at the moment as I have arrangements to travel shortly & need to have some idea of what's happening before I leave. The annoying thing is I was told these items were being sent via International Courier as the matter was urgent- but that's another story!!! Regards Sue

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TODAY'S THE DAY!  ... vote for CASANDRA Movistar Community is voting the surging band... and YOU your vote counts! Vote for Casandra! http://batalladebandas.movistar.com.ar/bandas/casandra/ Thanks a lot! It would be great if you let me know when you do it.... spread the word!

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BABEL-PSI is a community of professionals from multiple fields (psychiatrists, psychotherapists, anthropologists, linguists, educators), dedicated to study and research on migration and multicultural issues (www.babelpsi.com) This is our first conference,   "CULTURAL DIVERSITY: PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL TESTIMONIES ", WITH FREE ATTENDANCE, and shall be held on September 21 st, between 8.30 AM and 2 PM, in PALERMO. PREVIOUS NSCRIPTION REQUIRED: info@babelpsi.com  

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Will our lives get better or harder after Oct 27? With the government winning, losing, saying they won or whatever, will we have a more tranquil life here in Buenos Aires?

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Hi... is there an English newspaper in buenos aires or in the area?

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I was looking forward to an outing and enjoy lunch at some restaurant near the river on Sunday, but I understand that on Election Day everything closes... is that right?

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Hello everyone,  is there any BPO sector in BA, as m having a good exp in BPO sector.. any one has idea about the compny or any recruiter whose having the knowledge for the same..      Regards Pranav

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All this tax pressure seems to indicate cash problems from the government. How much more milk can they get from the same cow?

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Will you be taking part in Thursday's protest? Why, why not? Is it important?

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Today we are one of the countries with the highest number of holidays (19). Is this good for the economy in gneeral or does it only benefit some sectors at the expense of others? If it's good, let put more in then!

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I can't understand why this is happening now more than several years ago. Anything to do with climate change, too much buildings, bad infrastructure, anybody knows?

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How will you be celebrating this Easter with its long 6-day holiday? Is it a religious time for you? Does the new pope mean anything special for you as a Christian or non-Christian?

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Wow, I can't believe the new Pope will drink mate, speak porteño Spanish, like football and understand our jokes! Also, a contrast to the porteño stereotype of arrogant we are stuck with. All the best!

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