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I can't understand why this is happening now more than several years ago. Anything to do with climate change, too much buildings, bad infrastructure, anybody knows?

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How will you be celebrating this Easter with its long 6-day holiday? Is it a religious time for you? Does the new pope mean anything special for you as a Christian or non-Christian?

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Wow, I can't believe the new Pope will drink mate, speak porteño Spanish, like football and understand our jokes! Also, a contrast to the porteño stereotype of arrogant we are stuck with. All the best!

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What would you recommend and not recommend about Buenos Aires?

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Is life today better or worse than twenty years ago? What is better/worse?

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Starting the day - especially Mondays - can be hard. Do you have any tip that works for you and you care to share?

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What's the best film you saw in 2012 (cinema or TV) and why?

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If this has never worked, why will it this time? You can't do artificially what has to be done naturally. Public spending and faulty indexes are an explosive combination in an election year.

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What should be done to reduce the level of violence in Buenos Aires? What can each of us do in our daily lives?

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We are getting more and more holidays in Argentina, even inventing some so they fall on a certain day. Is this good for the economy, for people?

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I totally agree with the blog article "What is reality?" What is the point of lying? Who do they think we are? My reality says 25% and worried about how this will continue. After all, this is not my first time.

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This is a very umndane posting but ... I am moving to Argentina in a month and having been given a nice plasma tv for Christmas ... I would like to bring it out! If I wrap it all up in the box and bubble wrap, will I be able to bring it with me on a BA flight from London to BA in the hold. Or will it be taken at customs? Please advise! And ... does anyone know of a good and inexpensive car/ 4x4 shipping company from the UK to Argentina? Thank you  

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We will miss the old Line A subway trains, won't we? But safety and efficiency come first in such a great city. Interesting article here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/gallery/2013/jan/09/six-worlds-best-metro-systems

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Another part of the endless discussion on the Malvinas. Does our government sincerely think the UK will sit at a table and negotiate without considering the islandrers? Does the UK government think they can just end the matter with the islanders? Are these the main issues we should be discussing? Smokescreens.

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Just read yesterday's article in the blog, I had a dream, and consider it a very good idea to have administrators use what they are supposed to control. Why not? I think we are too peaceful and that is why they do what they want with us. We should protest more, peacefully, until things change. Remember Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott? It took 381 days of going to work walking, but they achieved their objectives, peacefully!

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Enjoyed an interview with James Crackwell on Hardtalk this morning. I hadn't heard about him or the book he and his wife wrote on his experience after the accident. How life can be before and after, both with different challenges. He has a page: http://www.jamescracknell.com/home

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Is this done still? I think it shows hope and a wish to change, as against resignation and pessimism. 

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Send us a phrase, a word, a quotation, anything... with your wish for 2013. We'll take your contributions to make a card we can then send to our friends. Just use the Reply feature below and we'll do the rest.

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Worried about this, bringing memories of other times. Let's hope we can have a peaceful Christmas.

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A whole list of things we need to take care of togethe with the good things we will enjoy. There are too many deaths and lost eyes every year, stupid and unnecessary. Take care!

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