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I'm not too sure about this. Maybe sharing the burden is good, but I suspect mentioning the heat every time we meet with somebody has to increased the "thermal sensation". Maybe we should mention it less, ignore it more and take away the power it has over our lives...  

started by: germain-643646 · last update: 1354285968 · posted: 1354183573

With the bonds situation in New York and the Supreme Court ruling on 7D (or non-7D) can we expect quieter times ahead? Please!!

started by: 245_alice · last update: 1353843815 · posted: 1353568687

Shouldn't we have some unifying feast such as Thanksgiving in Argentina? It would be good to have something that brings us together once a year, both as families as well as a country. Any ideas?

started by: alecfield · last update: 1353398381 · posted: 1353324221

Is tomorrow's strike justified from the workers' point of view, or is it simply political?

started by: oklahoma66 · last update: 1352999288 · posted: 1352392851

Anybody know of a place where you can watch the sky with a professional telescope/observatory near Buenos Aires? Just an amateur interested in stars.

started by: AnonymousYes · last update: 1352831710 · posted: 1352558605

If it is so important not to park beside a subway exit in Buenos Aires City, why isn't this clearly indicated (red or yellow paint, sign, something) instead of letting you park and then towing the car away and making you pay $350? I'd hate to think they only want to charge and don't really care about the safety issue... 

started by: alecfield · last update: 1352448713 · posted: 1352213062

What would be the arguments in favour or against taking part in the 8N protest? Would neutral be the best option if undecided? Anything the press has missed in this event? 

started by: alecfield · last update: 1352193372 · posted: 1348736885

Run 10 Km and live!

started by: XTOO6 · last update: 1352123207 · posted: 1352117180

I've heard there's a museum night (Noche de los museos) coming up soon. Any info on date, details? Last year it was wonderful!

started by: 245_alice · last update: 1352100735 · posted: 1351875508

I don't want it to be, but something tells me we are coming to the end of something, a cycle. Maybe I'm wrong and this has nothing to do with it and the conditions are so different that we'll get through this tough time. Any thoughts?

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Has anyone got experience on Skype calls to land lines within Argentina? I have been looking at Skype rates, and they all seem to be "from USA".

started by: michel78-643478 · last update: 1347742827 · posted: 1347041678

Shouldn't somebody be calming things down? Where will this lead us? I'm worried.

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Family use, from 0,50 to 2,50 m, nearly new, $240.

started by: neversaynever-643672 · last update: 1347012395 · posted: 1346958772

I see Ellen Baker will be speaking on Monday, 11:30 in the Planetario, and it's free.

started by: 1810-Argentina · last update: 1346928409 · posted: 1346871182

Doesn't all this dollar control, rates, daily measures reflect a poor handling of the situation? Aren't the dollars leaving the country anyway?

started by: CrIsPlAiD · last update: 1346789819 · posted: 1346685200

All points to an unfortunate repeat of previous accidents. Does anybody care?

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Is it only me that shudders every time I have to do a "trámite"? Today I had to go to the AFIP and there was no light. If that were the only problem...

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Apparently we have an early start or a preview of spring. Wonderful for our spirits!

started by: drinkandgo · last update: 1346068912 · posted: 1346003882

Is it my impression, or the daily violence suffered by people close to us has been rising lately?

started by: michel78-643478 · last update: 1345648630 · posted: 1345481403

I was wondering if San Martín were alive today, what would our need for freedom be?

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