started by: CrIsPlAiD · last update: 1346789819 · posted: 1346685200

All points to an unfortunate repeat of previous accidents. Does anybody care?

started by: oklahoma66 · last update: 1346752769 · posted: 1346424110

Is it only me that shudders every time I have to do a "trámite"? Today I had to go to the AFIP and there was no light. If that were the only problem...

started by: beckett07 · last update: 1346666299 · posted: 1346502763

Apparently we have an early start or a preview of spring. Wonderful for our spirits!

started by: drinkandgo · last update: 1346068912 · posted: 1346003882

Is it my impression, or the daily violence suffered by people close to us has been rising lately?

started by: michel78-643478 · last update: 1345648630 · posted: 1345481403

I was wondering if San Martín were alive today, what would our need for freedom be?

started by: ana23scots · last update: 1345567836 · posted: 1345541969

I see we're in our second tango week. Any recommendations if I had to go to one event?

started by: tangoriver · last update: 1344940697 · posted: 1344940697

What a relief!

started by: Cryptogram · last update: 1344878547 · posted: 1344808890

Amazed at the creativity, organisation and technical perfection of the ceremony. Quite stimulating!

started by: Product45 · last update: 1344852075 · posted: 1344852075

Another week without subways? How much will people stand it? How long until someone explodes? Somebody has got to put a stop to this, and quick.

started by: 245_alice · last update: 1344591157 · posted: 1344591157

All week long, and no solution in sight, everybody blaming everybody (of course, they don't have to travel like we do). Something very, very wrong with this system...

started by: elsie-morgan9 · last update: 1344530980 · posted: 1344438461

Quite worrying to have train accidents again, even though much less damaging than the Once disaster. Let's hope nothing similar happens!

started by: 67henryolder · last update: 1344417549 · posted: 1344351635

All controls on sensitive indicators as currency usually backfire, but is this a special case in view of our bad 2001 experience, to keep (more) money from leaving the country? Isn't it promoting more consumption at the expense of savings/investment?

started by: Nautilus-643578 · last update: 1344239366 · posted: 1344156937

A friend of mine visiting is needing to know if there are church services in English, preferably Catholic but can be other Christian.

started by: susanknight · last update: 1343902447 · posted: 1343816861

So now we know that prisoners - even dangerous ones - might not be in prison but perhaps sharing "cultural" activities with us. Quite scary, isn't it?

started by: Nautilus-643578 · last update: 1343474914 · posted: 1343417925

Wonderful opening ceremony, great creativity and clockwork functioning. Really enjoyed it!

started by: 76smith87 · last update: 1343237339 · posted: 1343124649

Some days ago a person who travels a lot and who is not an Argentine commented on the level of stress he perceived every time he arrived in Buenos Aires. Maybe we here have grown accustomed to it and don't realize it and that's why we take if for granted.

started by: martagonz · last update: 1342863578 · posted: 1342779295

Just thinking of how many days with sun we have in winter in Buenos Aires, and the great change it makes! If you ask me, I prefer cold with sun to heat with clouds (or rain).

started by: 67henryolder · last update: 1342263954 · posted: 1342263954

CFK, Moyano, Scioli, Clarín once friends, then enemies and then friends again? Can we believe any of them? Should we take them seriously at least in their relationships? Uhmmm...

started by: martagonz · last update: 1342178831 · posted: 1342094070

Will the mortgage housing plans announced by the Buenos Aires City and national governments succeed? Will they cover the needs? Why only now? Too many questions...

started by: sean_jones · last update: 1341680559 · posted: 1341680559

I just found out there is a local branch of L'Arche, the Jean Vanier organisation for mentall handicapped. A good volunteering opportunity. Anybody knows of others that can be recommended?

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