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Shouldn't June 21st be the shortest day of the year here? How come sunrise is still getting later? I'm confused...

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Sorry to hear of this death. His programme Badía & Cia was a reference point in serious entertainment and quality. And what a voice! He will be missed... as good shows always are.

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Another death yesterday, after a match that was won! It's incredible nothing can be done to stop this bloodbath. Maybe we are growing accustomed to this and it doesn't seem so bad.

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I'm looking for a place to watch through a telescope, rather on the north side of the city. Is there such a palce?

started by: samantha486 · last update: 1339663320 · posted: 1339256187

Have been enjoying the incredible bird and tree life during Autumn. One just has to have an attentive ear and ear to perceive nature's beauty among the concrete and other stuff. For me Autumn is the top season in Buenos Aires, better even than Spring.

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What would be your 5 best choices in comedy series in English?

started by: michel78-643478 · last update: 1338553561 · posted: 1338303305

Does anybody know of a place in the Northern suburbs of Buenos Aires that handles Samsonite luggage repairs?

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I have the impression we are having many (too many?) of these holiday weekends, good for tourism and consumption but not so good for savings and businesses, or am I wrong?

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Is there any way one can avoid paying the deposit and guarantee for a rent? Or is anybody offering apartments for rent without this requirement?

started by: Nautilus-643578 · last update: 1337247358 · posted: 1337247358

Is it my impression or city dwellers are too... tame (I hesitate to use the word) and are used to being mistreated by legal, illegal strikes, pickets, bad service, crimininal maintenance... It looks as if anything goes until somebody snaps, or maybe we make our family suffer...

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Hi everyone!I am running a free 'get to know the cello' workshop on saturday the 19th of May, from 4pm - 6pm. It is for both adults and children, and you do not need your own cello to take part. I will provide a full size and a half size cello for you to try.The workshop will be held in Oihoy ( www.oihoy.blogspot.com.ar ), 14 de Julio 426.If you would like to take part please confirm your attendance:Ellen Caseyleafycello@gmail.com15-3621-0959Hope to see you there!Ellen

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I'm one of the Marmite lovers, but can't find a place where it is sold in Buenos Aires. I would be willing to play well for this delight, but am restricted to getting friends bring it from abroad. Any pointers?

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I just got pickpocketed in a colectivo on my way to work. I'm told it's not worth doing anything with the police. Quite frustrated and angry, but perhaps should blame myself for not taking care. My first bad one in 5 years here. Anyone has gone through something similar and can share?

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I am a relatively good chess player, have taken part in tournaments back in Australia and would like to keep active in informal but serious competitions. I can make myself understood in Spanish, if necessary. Living and working in Olivos, so not too fond of going downtown.

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If you had to make a list of good/bad things of living in Buenos Aires (city or suburbs) what would you include? Just curious, both for locals and foreigners.

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What is the real exchange rate for me to change my dollars? Should I go to a bank, an exchange office, sell it on my own? Is this legal, dangerous?

started by: beckett07 · last update: 1332346123 · posted: 1332346123

I hear the government's inflation is about half the real rate ???? Can this be? What would the real rate, 20, 25, 30? I need this for some rough calculations.

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Anyone knows if baseball is played anywhere in Buenos Aires or nearby?

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Hey, anybody knows the top 2 or 3 museums one MUST visit in Buenos Aires. I'll only be staying there for a weekend around March-April.

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I have the impression driving in Buenos Aires is getting better, ever so slowly (too slowly). Does anybody agree with me? Does it depend on where you are, the car you're driving?

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