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I will be staying some months in Buenos Aires city, maybe near retiro station or nearby, and would like to know if someone could recommend a Spanish institute or professor... preferably I would like to take group classes.

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my partner and me are needing some counselling  and I wondered if someone knows of a counsellor - ideally in Palermo district or nearby

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Hello - I am looking to buy both of these - where is the best and least expensive place. I live in palermo and work in recoleta so near either of these would be great! Thanks Josephine

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does anybody know of a good and reliable hairdresser in Buenos Aires city... I don't mind travelling a bit in the city as long as he or she is good!

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Quite a stir from Angelina Jolie's news she had had a double preventive mastectomy. Is this reasonable or a grave mistake? How many will follow her advice and then regret it?

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Does anyone know if and where one can buy an enema bag in Buenos Aires? Thanks very much

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Any good recommendations to recover from running 5-10 K? Any vitamins, food, special exercises that can get me ready for another run?

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Any quick diet tips to lose 5 kg before Christmas?

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Isn't natural gaining the upper hand against all the hideous, artificial, ridiculous examples of facial surgery we have seen over the last years? It is for me, at least.

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Yesterday, in an after lunch conversation on CPR, I learnt that the massages and mouth-to-mouth breathing are to replace the functions of the body, actually pumping blood and air into it, and not only to stimulate activity. Makes one want to take a first-aid course urgently.

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I'd like to take part in a 10k marathon before the end of the year. Any suggested events, training groups?

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Just wondering after seeing so many "aesthetic" surgery disasters how would anyone want to risk it still? After all, it's irreversible, isn't it?

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I'm looking for racing flats (running shoes) that weight less than 8 oz. If you're a running, you hopefully know what I mean. Does anyone know of any running specialty stores besides club de corredores? CdC had one model that I wasn't interested in.

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I like to go for regular walks/runs at different times of the day. Any safe, nice place in the San Isidro area. I have just moved to this district and perhaps could even share with somebody else. Contact me please.

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Just wondering, apart from all the discussions on the merits, ethics and message of the Malvinas video, will it help get them back or will it put them still further away? Or is it just looking at internal politics?

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I hear Buenos Aires is a hot spot for cosmetic surgery worldwide. Why is this? Quality? Price?

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Good Morning. Would anyone on the forum happen to have any suggestions for an English speaking Hair Colourist? Ideally someone with significant experience in colouring blonde hair. Additionally, does anyone have a recommendation for a mobile Beautician to do waxing? Or alternatively, an inexpensive salon that they would recommend? Many thanks in advance.

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There appear to be several good spas in the Tigre Delta. I'm wanting to spend a relaxing week-end in one of these, not too expensive, not too far, but need to know from someone who's actually been and can recommend it.

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I will be staying 3 weeks in April in the district of Palermo and would like to keep up my daily running schedule plus a good gym close to Buenos Aires Zoo, or so I have been told.

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