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According to an article at http://is.gd/1GA3ew, it says this: "the homoeopathic medicines are permitted by the respective authorities and in Buenos Aires alone more than 400 pharmacies exhibit big sign-boards reading 'Homoeopathy'. Approximately 30 per cent of them have their own laboratories. About 14 laboratories in Buenos Aires prepare homoeopathic medicines." Can someone confirm this in general  Can can lay people (i.e. citizens, residents and tourists) purchase these remedies for personal use?


themorningstar 1401402824

Randy... yes anybody can purchase these medicines. In fact, we have been on homeopathy at home for over 30 years already and consume these medicines. What i would recommend is to make sure that the pharmacy that offers these medicines, has a reputable history.

randylewiskemp 1401480156

Thanks.  How does one go about insuring the pharmacy has a reputable history?  Any suggestions or advice?

themorningstar 1401535550

I would ask people (patients and/or doctors) who have been using homeopathy for some time. I live in the Northern suburbs, so I can recommend a pharmacy if you need one.

randylewiskemp 1401538076

Thank you.  One thing that should be emphasized is the pharmacy.  I know someone in the US, who has practiced homeopathy for over 25 years.  He has found that some pharmacies are much better than others.  In the US, he goes though  Hahnemann Laboratories Inc.  You could be world's best practitioner; take the case with all the mental, physical and emotional symptoms.  And you could pick the right constitional remedy and potency.  But if the laboratory doesn't prepare it right - it won't work.  That has been my friend's experience and that's way he uses Hahnemann Laboratories, even though they are more expensive.  Another way in Argentenia is probably to ask how long the lab has been in business.  The longer the lab has been in business and the more money behind or into it, the better the quality.  That's why Boiron from France  has made great inroads in US health food stores and pharmacies.  These same principles apply for any lab in Latin Americna countries, like Argentenia and Mexico. 

randylewiskemp 1401716949

What pharamacy would you recommend in the Northern suburbs? 

themorningstar 1401720109

Farmacia Vassallo - they have several branches - one in Olivos is on Gutierrez 1202. This pharmacy has a long and a reputable history in Homeopathy, but... their prices have rocketed too high over the last years as well.

Our family has found a good pharmacy (doesn't have much of an appearance) but we know the owner, who is a respected doctor, and the preparations a much more cheaper than the big pharmacies. The pharmacy is on Edison 1799, Martinez, just some 6 or 8 blocks from Unicenter. it is called, La Paz. 


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