Malvinas video

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Just wondering, apart from all the discussions on the merits, ethics and message of the Malvinas video, will it help get them back or will it put them still further away? Or is it just looking at internal politics?


tangoriver 1336164277

Definitely NEGATIVE for the country, maybe positive for the government and the agency. This is not the way to gain trust and get them talking. Faux pas!

Nautilus-643578 1336232261

Who knows what will come out of this? Politics is so complicated. My problem is with mixing politics and sport (or politics with anything, to be honest!) and especially the Olympics, since it can become quite explosive... Another thing not to mix is advertising with politics. Anything can come out of that. Each to his own...

ABCris 1336376517

Just one more distraction from the real problems of the country. Done here and all over the world, including UK. Don't let people think, keep them distracted, talking about what you want... Nothing new under the sun.

sara2run 1336390870

Good old Argentina... we are always "giving the note" (out of tune of course).

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