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I will be staying some months in Buenos Aires city, maybe near retiro station or nearby, and would like to know if someone could recommend a Spanish institute or professor... preferably I would like to take group classes.


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why not try IBL they are on Florida street

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Expanish is the centre of the city.

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I invite you to visit my FB Spanish teaching page @

I can give you further information on my classes if you like.



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I can reccommend Verbum Spanish school. I had the opportunity to attend Verbum Spanish School for two weeks in August of 2014. I did not know anyone who had been to Buenos Aires or anyone who had taken classes there, so i was a little aprehensive. But, the staff made my travel arrangments go perfectly.  My Instructors were really good and helped build the foundation for what I need to develop my understanding and ability to learn Spanish. 

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You can also visit Elebaires, where you will have very personalized classes!!!

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SPANISH VIA SKYPE --> Username: luciafeito  

I am a Native Spaniard, Lawyer & English Teacher living in Argentina. In case you are interested in Spanish lessons here is my website, please do not hesitate to ask any questions that might arise.

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